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Pokemon Hunter is back!

I'm not really good with making reviews so i'll try my best here. This review is for Pokemon Hunter 4 made by halibabica.


The story to Pokemon Hunter 4 is not what you'd expect from your average pokemon game. Unlike others where you play as just the one character you get to play as two characters in this game. You play as Tom by day and his close friends Rattata called Splinter at night and complete various quests.


The gameplay in Pokemon Hunter 4 definitely has improved since the previous three games. The mapping could use a bit more work but not everyone is good at it but it definitely has improved since pokemon hunter 3.

The battles are fun to play in Pokemon Hunter 4 and this demo provides you with 16 playable characters to battle with and raise there skills. My only problem was the battles being a bit too easy. I barely leveled in the game and was still defeating enemies in a few shots.


The music in Pokemon Hunter 4 is definitely a reason why you should play it. The music that's used is just what you'd like to hear when playing an rpg and makes it a pleasure to walk around the maps.

Final Thoughts

Overall this game is worth a play. As it's a demo i can't really say everything about it but it looks to be a promising rpg to look out for in the future.

I rate Pokemon Hunter 4: