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Sten and Nolan, two years from the departure of their Uncle Ennest, set off in the search for Eden Glosbe.
They land in Meromero Island, birthplace of Aaron Zeno Blanco, the only person, as far as anyone knows, that ever found it.
Is it treasure? A place? Does it even exist? Is it material? Immaterial?
They can't answer any of these questions, but after asking around they soon find someone who can: Golando Len, aka Grandpa Sapiens, who turns out being Aaron's grandfather.
The revelation is puzzling, as Aaron is supposed to have been born over a century ago...
The old man shows the brothers the way to Eden Glosbe: a Foddercannon which will shoot them up in the sky, on a Skyland.
Ever the inseparable duo, this time Sten and Nolan will have to split up to make their way through Nimbus Island!

-Meet Ren, a quirky, friendly sky god, and make use of his powers to help Sten and Nolan explore the Skyland!
-Ren will help in battle too, with a helpful new mechanic and Special move!
-Steel yourself for a major showdown, where you'll control all three characters at once!
-A new Menu option will let you buy Secret Bonuses with your hard-earned gold tokens: Change the difficulty, extend your life bar or unlock alternate costumes!

- Episode 2 Length: About 30 mins.

Note: To keep your progress from Episode 1, you must either have a code or transfer your save file. You can start from Chapter 2 with an invalid code anyway, but that won't let you carry over any Secrets or Tokens.

You can monitor the game on my website: http://projectste.altervista.org/ , always updated and with the planned release date of the next episode, as well as my contact info.

My thanks will go to anyone who will Like Ste's Project's Facebook page:

Eden Glosbe - Video Gameplay (of Episode 1. Thanks to CarelessRex!)

THANKS, most of all, to ALL players for taking the time to share your opinions on the game here.

-Ares Vaiarelli


-Silent Partner

-modern algebra (messagges)
-Yanfly (diagonal scroll)
-Rafael (fog)
-DaimoniousTails (proximity event)
-Bigace360 (full screen option)
-Moghunter (title)

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single dungeon. Continues the tag team adventure but puzzles are fairly basic. Also there are some untranslated dialogue. Mapping is also very plain this time around.
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