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Incitement 3 Greenlit!

Heya everyone. Just wanted to share the news that Incitement 3 has been greenlit on Steam (that's 2 of my games now within a month). Thank you all who played and supported the game. It's going to be released on Steam once my publisher and I have sorted out all the assets and achievements for the game.

In a meantime, my other commercial title, Atonement: Scourge of Time, has already been released on Steam as of a couple of weeks ago, so feel free to check that out!



The game has been fully completed and released.

For more info, please see the Web Page

So far the game can be bought at:

New Reality Games
Indie Game Stand

It should appear on other sites very soon as well.

Thanks for the support.


Pre-alpha demo is out!

Just a heads up that pre-alpha demo containing the first hour of the game is out. It already contains all the necessary RTP elements, so no RTP is necessary.

If you would prefer a version without RTP (and hence smaller file size, ~62 MB), then please get it here.

Cheers all!
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