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Incitement? Excitement!

*Note that this is my first review on this site. Feel free to review my review if necessary.

I've played the first two Incitement games and enjoyed them, so I decided to buy the third one. It's around $9, and I think paying it is a great way to support the developer. After playing Incitement 3, I felt that it was a pretty good experience, and that I should make a fair review of it.

Graphics (8/10): The sci-fi environments were nicely done, the maps were easy on the eyes, and the character/enemy designs were good. I've noticed some RTP graphics here and there, but it was still used well, since it matched the sci-fi theme. The side-view battle style had its charms, but I personally enjoyed the enemy battler designs from the first two games more.

Music (9/10): Incredible stuff. There are some tracks that are still stuck in my head, and that's a great sign. My favorite tracks were "Hangar of the Death Machines" and "Troubled Dreams". The sound effects were decent, as well.

Gameplay (9/10): Perhaps the best gameplay out of the series so far. The battles were varied and interesting, and encouraged you to use your different skills. The game was also challenging at times, and I've only played through the normal difficulty. Playing as temporary characters was fun, and the equipment system was diverse, with plenty of wearables to try out. The hacking minigames were neat, but also quite easy.

Story (6/10): A simple, straightforward story that was easy to get into. Despite this, it didn't seem to be as interesting as the other games, since it had many similarities to its predecessors, and it was shorter than I expected. I can't say much about the characters either, because there wasn't a lot of time devoted to developing their personalities. Overall, I'd say that the story is slightly above-average.

Content: (6/10): Like I mentioned with the story, this game felt shorter than I expected. I finished my first playthrough in about 6 hours, and there didn't seem to be a lot of side content. I don't know if I simply missed anything big, but I went through all the side-quests that I could find.

Positive Points:
-Having some background characters help you in battle at times was genius. That sort of help makes them more memorable.

Negative Points:
-Certain death scenes... weren't handled that well in my opinion. They just happened too quickly, and were easily forgotten by the others.

Overall (3.5/5): I enjoyed Incitement 3 for its gameplay and music, but I enjoyed the story and side content more in the previous games. I recommend this to any Incitement fans, and any sci-fi RPG fans in general.


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Hi there. Only just logged in, so apologies about a late reply. Thank you for your review. Your points are all good. I can see what you mean by the story feeling too linear and there not being as much content as first two games. Going to take it all on board. Overall though, glad you liked the game. :)
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