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The legend begins here with a remake of the first game in the Dragon Kingdoms series.
It is up to Akahr and his friends to discover and stop the source of the monsters that have been ravaging the land. But, they may be surprised at what the source is...

The Dragon Kingdoms series has been ongoing for fourteen years, spread over six games. That's right, the first game in the series was released back in 1998, of which this game is a remake of. There are three main known continents, numerous islands, and eight main party members and four known optional ones. There are also some secret areas, items and even characters.

Latest Blog

Jul-07-15 There have been some changes.

The game title is now Dragon Kingdoms: A Legend Begins. I will post some of the new information soon. For now, why not play Dragon Kingdoms IV and V to celebrate RPG Maker 2000's official release?
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  • 09/22/2008 04:17 PM
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  • 09/27/2015
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I love the chipsets. Did you draw your own background and place it on a chipset?
Actually, it's a panorama that I made. Unlike RMXP, RMVX allows for smooth scrolling for enemies and characters. (I actually found the code in RMXP that affects scrolling and fixed it, but there's still the issue of not seeing the scene while editing).
Y'know Video Wizard. Your idea made me start a new project for a game. It's called Tyler's Adventure. I've started it but I made all of it in the chipsets. If you've heard of dad'n'me then you know it's kinda like that. It has spells and stuff though. I've made a few bullies already and Tyler has to beat them up.
Anyway, I'll be adding you for the idea in the game.
I'm bringing this world back for you and for me.
I have a question how did you make teh boundaries on the paranorma so that they don't just drift off into odd places. I've been trying to find this trick out for a while now.
an aristocrat of rpgmaker culture
Hey, I really love the ridiculous graphical disparity in your project. Was there any particular inspiration behind putting polished 16-bit sprites on top of 3rd grade crayon scribble panoramas? I think it looks really "fresh" and unique. What was the logic behind this creative choice? I can tell this will be a quality title. Look into the future with me; Dragon Kindongs: Birth of a LEgend ~ Best Graphics Misao Winner 2009. Good night and good luck.
Hey bro, I was just thinking, these daily updates of yours bump down other people's game blogs and uh, some of them are very well thought out posts with valuable information that they put a good amount of effort into. On the other hand, I am not sure if anyone one is interested in whether or not you made new paths in your town on Feb 15th. (Especially given the 1.5 rating this has.) It is just kind of silly that these and other "updates" of questionable worth are causing more valuable ones to drop off the front page.
an aristocrat of rpgmaker culture
Hey, whomever is coding this site nowadays should add an option for blog entries to not appear on the front page. That way if someone wants to keep a quiet little game making journal they can do so without alerting the whole world. ^_^
Right, so you'd rather the game drop off the face of the earth because it rarely advertises, Heath. It's not my fault that some of us have obligations to fill in life, and thus can't always have a substantial update. You know it's bad when a STAFF member calls out a couple of games that are unappreciated. If it bothers you that much, click on "Latest Updated Games" under the Games section.

As for the 1.5, that came from a reviewer whose highest score on any review was 2, and also the game isn't finished yet.
Haha, if you don't have much time... why don't you just update your blog when you have something substantial to say? Do you think anyone rolls on to RMN every day and clicks this game like, "Oh boy!!!! I wonder what VideoWizard added to Dragon Kingdoms today??? It's a good thing he updates every single day, because I just couldn't BEAR to wait a whole week to get my Dragon Kingdom fix!!"
VideoWizard, 12/19/08 11:10 AM
Thursday, December 18
I'm afraid nothing was done.

Dude, you update even if you didn't do anything just to tell everyone that you DIDN'T DO ANYTHING. That is incredible, man.
Just cleaning up the blogs. I think I will go back to the old format of multiple entries on an update, and only when a significant amount of progress happens will there be a new one.
can i help draw some stuff because what you drew is making laugh so hard i can't play
You're either going to have to live with it or play Final Fantasy emo story #785. For I got rejected today for any art help. This place is becoming as closed-minded as you know where.
And so, the Birth of a Legend becomes the death of a legend. You're just going to have to live with the RPG Maker 2 version, because I'm moving on to remaking its sequel.
Dude your giving up on this game? lol
Not giving up on making the game, just re-tooling it. I should've said moving on to making the sequel for a while. I just got OUT of a remaking cycle at the time of the (hali's) review, after all. I rarely actually quit making games. Even Celestial Descent is supposed to become Celestia some year.
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