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10G- Island Traveler Complete Part 1
(Complete Parts 2-end (20?) for more)
10G- Slime Slasher Beat one of every type of Slime, including Omega.
(More for other monster families)
10G- 1998 Madness Get 1,998 HP, MP, stats, EXP or Dracon.
50G- Treasure Hunter Collect at least 90% of the treasures available.
50G- Risky Player Beat the game with minimum saves.
50G- Well Traveled Visit every part of both worlds. Not as easy as it sounds.
50G- Omega Obliterator Kill off the Omega Slime.
50G- Giant Grater Beat William in a battle BEFORE the Tower of Monsters.
100G- Gold Rush Carry 999,999 Dracon (gold pieces)
100G- Strong Enough Reach maximum level.
100G- Underachiever Beat the game at the minimum possible level.
100G- Undying Beat the game without party death.
100G- What Saves? Beat the game without saving.
100G- Anti-Hero Beat the game with lowest possible alignment.
100G- Angelic Beat the game with highest possible alignment.
100G- Treasure Collector Collect ALL the treasures available.
100G- Monster Masher Beat one of every type of monster.
100G- Endings Enthusiast Watch one of every type of ending.

Total: about 1660G at this time.