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Demo currently on hold

We're working on some improvements of the game. Meanwhile the demo won't be available for download. We're sorry for the inconvenience. We hope to be back online soon.

Progress Report

Coming soon in update 9

Things you will find in update 9:

- Expanded shop.
- minor change to the recipebook.
- Fix bug in tutorial.
- More advanced machine room.
- Some grammar changes.

Progress Report

Update 8 is online.

Changes found in update 8:
- Grammar changes throughout the game.
- fix problem with saving. Can be fixed manually by running the game with admin rights.
- Combat changes tutorial.
- Changed walking speed at start.
- Improved transition background music crossroad down.
- Improved transition background music KoLS.
- More healing from eggs.
- More healing from bread.
- Improved cooking system.
- Fix last attack Gine at skeleton boss misses.
- Fix bug at ladder in KoLS.

You can eighter download the game or use the Update.exe in the install folder to update the demo to version 1.7.8. There is a shortcut to this file in your start button.
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