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Flip Dimensions 1.2 - The Seacliff Cut

Another update after over two years.
Nothing too big, but here's the changelog.
-Fixed the difficulty slider.
-Tweaked a couple of skills.
-Changed two lines because 18 year old me tried to be too edgy and I wanted to take this chance to change that.

Every download has been updated, including the patches. So if you already downloaded the game and don't want to download another 400-500mb project file, you can extract the patches into the base folder and enjoy these changes.

I noticed that ever since Flip Saga's demo been released, this game has been getting downloads about twice as fast. So it was probably a good time to update this game.


Sequel Demo is Live, Boys

As part of RSE on RPG Maker Web to commemorate RPG Maker's 31st Anniversary, I have released a demo for the sequel to Flip Dimensions, Flip Saga.

Check it out on the game page.

Also, I was going to make a post when this game reached 1k downloads. I'll kill two birds and one stone and say this is that post. Awesome.

Progress Report

Final Update, Next Project, Sequel Info

I have recently just uploaded what will most likely be the final version of Flip Dimensions. This new version contains:
-Over 400 Grammar Fixes
-Couple Dozen Bug Fixes
-Infinite Tower has been changed to be less annoying with a simpler gimmick

There are minor things I could do to make the game feel a bit more complete, but I would rather just apply the lessons I learned here to future projects.

Also, direct your thanks to KyleLascar for compiling a list of the Grammar/Bugs for me to fix. He has been added to the credits.

Now that Flip Dimensions is off my bucket list, I have started to fully adopt other projects. The next project I am working on will not be a direct sequel to Flip Dimensions, but I certainly have plans for that.

Since the following is not entirely related to FD itself while also containing spoilers to FD. I'm putting it in a spoiler tag so it won't clutter the home page.

My next project is IVEKNEC. Compared to Flip Dimensions, the size of the game's world is rather modest. However, on a mechanical level, I hope to personalize, improve, and expand upon FD's battle mechanics.

The game is heavily inspired by the SNES game Terranigma, which features a unique town-development mechanic that has an air of wholesomeness I normally don't see in JRPGs today. There are also a few things regarding Terranigma's town-development mechanic I would love to improve on.

Alright, now for that Sequel I keep teasing. There's no game page for it yet, and there will not be one until IVEKNEC is nearing completion. But I have been planning out this game not even a year after I started Flip Dimensions. So I'll at least show off the few things I know will not be changed by the time a demo is released for it.

Presenting Flip Saga:

Artwork credit to Rough Sketch: http://roughsketch.en-grey.com

Flip Saga is set five years after the events of Flip Dimensions. It is about a high schooler named... whoever you want his name to be. We'll call him The Player for now.

The Player in Flip Saga is mute. No, he's not a silent protagonist, but he has a physical disability that prevents him from speaking. This has an actual effect on how he communicates in the plot. Because of his disability, he did not grow up with many tangible friends. Instead, he has an imaginary friend named Ayama who has matured alongside him and is seemingly sentient.

After a certain incident that is a result of the ending of Flip Dimensions, Ayama despises her position as an imaginary friend and wishes she was a human being. Enter Lily, who has a natural talent to use a power called 'Aura' that allows her to summon fictional characters like Kazuki and Minori into reality. Lily decides to help Ayama and The Player to obtain this power as well... which leads into an adventure about going into the fictional worlds created by others.

The chapters in Flip Saga are all based on fictional media within the game's world. This ranges from someone's Tabletop RPG Campaign to a twenty-year-old Sci-Fi Propaganda film. Each chapter has a more defined styled and a larger focus on worldbuilding compared to the worlds of Flip Dimension.

There are other story beats and gameplay mechanics I have planned for Flip Saga, but they are not in a presentable state yet. That may seemingly imply that not much is done with the project yet, but this is easily one of the more ambitious projects I have attempted with RPG Maker and I want a solid foundation with the mechanics before completing the first chapter to assure the rest of development goes by smoothly.

Anyways, that's it for now. I'll see you again when I finish IVEKNEC's demo soon.


Version 1.1 Details

Hello everyone.

Since it's release last week, I have been updating the project in the background. I didn't make most of this public because they mostly changes not directly related to Chapter 8, and those who are continuing from Chapter 7 didn't need to download those updates.

However, this current one is related to Chapter 8, and it directly prevents the player from obtaining the game's proper ending. I recommend everyone to download the patch and extract it into the game's folder if they have already downloaded the game.

To generalize details, in the Sineba segment in Chapter 8, the game freezes after a boss battle. This update, and its respective patch, fixes this issue.

Completing this segment of Chapter 8 is required for the game's true ending, apologies for anyone confused if they skipped this because of the glitch and got the bad ending.



On the download page, there is a patch.
Since the game file is pretty big, I figured not many people will be thrilled. to redownload the game every other update. The game files will be updated, but these have all the assets stripped out, making them about 10% of the size of the game. Simply download and extract into the game folder, overwriting the old data files.

This current patch fixes collision errors in Chapter 3. One which makes the shop entirely unassailable.


The game is complete

After three and a half years of development, I am proud to say Flip Dimensions is a complete game. However, if you find any bugs, typos, or balancing issues please do not hesitate to notify me. I will gladly fix these issues in a future update, but this will be the last update to feature new content.

Here's what's included in version 1.0:
-Chapter 8, the final chapter in the game.

-A difficulty setting, the game can be played in easy mode or hard mode. This can be adjusted in the options menu.

-Fullscreen++, for those who have widescreen monitors or just want a bigger window, the game window's size can be adjusted by pressing F6 and will upscale to full screen by pressing F5.

-New Game +, for those who want to experience the story while feeling like a badass. Unlocked after finishing the game.

-Alternative Endings, in New Game+ these can be accessed by touching crystals found in each town and refighting the final boss.

-Town NPCs (About time).

-A few bug fixes. Current list of bug fixes is fixed. All Rin coins should be accessible.

Thank you to everyone who supported this game, be it playing a previous demo or commenting on it. This has been an experience for me, and I hope to improve my gamedev skills for future projects. Seriously, I can't thank you all enough.

I hope you enjoy the game.


One Last Freaking Dungeon to Design (Last major update before release)

So last February I mentioned the outline of Chapter 8 having a decently open structure compared to the rest of the game. That part is finished, all that's left to design is the final dungeon and the final boss.

I don't want to rush development, but I thought this would be a good time to inform you all that the game is nearing completion and a few other things.

First, I wanted to get to this point earlier but I couldn't because I changed computers... and now I use Linux. An operating system VX Ace is not natively compatible with. However, with some effort I got the editor running through Wine. Even across the operating system barrier, nothing will stop me from finally finishing this game!

But you can bet your soul future projects will be using MV.

Second, because of a recent trend of large updates of the game not being fully playtested, I've decided to play the entire game from start to finish before releasing the final product. (Or more technically, a beta)

Because I can't just sit down and sink 15 hours into my own game in one day, I was thinking about making the playthrough more worthwhile by recording my playthrough and adding some commentary. Heavily inspired by Vollrath's let's play series on his own games like Clean Slate and Master of the Wind. (But maybe not as political, that's just not my field).

If this does happen, I would probably start uploading the playthroughs as soon as I start them but the game will be released before I get into content not yet released.

Thank you for y'alls time. I shall use it to finish this game.

Progress Report

I'm still alive Part 2, how much left until Chapter 8?

Another year, another deadline missed. But don't worry, production of Flip Dimensions Chapter 8 is going by pretty smoothly.

I should probably explain why this chapter is taking a while (When not compared to the year I took to create chapter 7). Long story short, I want to make sure the current story is explained and wrapped up appropriately.

Chapter 8 is going to be the largest chapter in terms of both story and content. Covering maybe 30% of the game. In fact, earlier in development, I planned for Chapter 8 to be three chapters. However, I decided not to do that for a few reasons.

-Consistency. Maybe not in length, but a new Chapter always starts after the defeat of the Dark Lord.

-A chunk of the content is technically "optional". The endgame is inspired by Chrono Trigger's, where the player is able to tackle multiple quests in almost any order at the same time the Final Boss becomes accessible, only that the recommended order is defined by the difficulty curve. Still, I didn't want to update only a handful of these "optional" quests at a time. At the same time, the player would be doing 'Chapter 9' content when they could technically be in 'Chapter 10'.

-Personal preference, of course, but considering the Paper Mario inspiration in Chapter structure, I found 8 to be a more satisfying number to fight to Final Boss on compared to 10.

Regardless, I thought it would be best to update the final parts of the game all at once.

Currently, Chapter 8 is roughly 70% done. After I add the finishing touches of the current Dungeon I am working, there are only a few left to finish. And there are a few more key cutscenes I need to work on too, including the game's ending.

For those of you still along on the ride, thank you for your incredible patience.


Update, Pre-Chapter 7 Bug Fixes

Apparently, there was a lot of issues with the new tilesets, as well as a few other unbalanced issues. (IE: Bolt's shock wave costing 20TP even though the new TP system only allows up to 5).

There is also an event in Chapter 5 I used for debugging purposes that sent you the Chapter 7... whoops.

Anyways, this new version fixes most of these issues. I haven't gotten any feedback from Chapter 7 itself yet, so any of those that could exist still haven't been fixed. This is mostly for those starting the game from scratch. Sorry about that.

If you don't plan to start from the beginning, you don't HAVE to download this new version, since only one of the many things it fixes is connected to chapter 7.


Chapter 7, I'm still alive

I didn't think Hiatus would take a year. Sorry about that.

Anyways, Chapter 7 is now up. This features the new world, but there are some other changes as well.

Rebalancing. I have adjusted how TP works in the game, as well as changing some skills to make some characters (Suphis) more viable.

-Suphis's support skills aren't AGI based anymore in favor of raising Evasion for allies. He also has a skill to lower an enemies Magic Defense to replace one of his many wind magic spells.

-Kazuki has a new skill 'Transfer' that allows him to give 25% of his MP to another ally. Obtained when entering Chapter 2. Dark Void does a bit more damage as well.

-Max TP a character can get is 5. 1 TP is gained for every time you execute a basic attack or defend, and another is given to all characters the next turn regardless. TP costs have been changed to accommodate, Super Slash is 2TP Ultra Slash is 4TP, etc. TP is no longer gained by tanking damage.

I would appreciate that anyone who may be replaying the game or starting for the first time to let me know if there is any massive unbalancing issues with this new TP system.

As always, I appreciate all critical feedback and bug reports.

Thanks for reading.

P.S. The current download contains the RTP, which does add a lot to the file size. I'll add a non-RTP version later today for those who want it.
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