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Progress Report

RoT: Age of Arius Development Blog 1: Kickstarter Discussion, New Music Samples, Demo Production

Hello everyone! Jason Williams here to talk about a few things as well as show off some of the stuff we've been working on since our hiatus in January. After our Kickstarter and our Art Director taking her trip to England, we've been having to stop production for a short time to sort things out and wait for her arrival, but now that shes back, and we've figured out what we're doing, we are now in full gear!

Kickstarter Development
So originally before we posted the game to rpgmaker.net, we started a Kickstarter back towards the end of Novemember to acquire the funds needed to finish the game.

Reference: Kickstarter Link

We naturally did not acquire the funds needed to pass and that was due to three elements that we did not take into mind before launching the project. First, We decided on a goal amount that was way too high for any Indie Developer without a name in the community, which hit us hard. Second, we did not take into mind the fact that we had launched a project during the Holiday Season, which severely hemorrhaged our success at getting all the funds we possibly could. Third: Our lack of presentation for the most part wasn't something that would highly apply to the fan base of people who more interested in seeing what type of rewards they would get and how the gameplay aspects actually functioned.

This downfall naturally got us thinking to relaunch the project at a later date more suitable to bringing in more people, but also making some tweaks to what we needed to do to make it possible to succeed. First off we reduced the goal amount from 21k to 10k by reducing a lot of the game play that we wanted but was not needed. I also as the Lead Developer decided to take upon myself to pay for half those funds through my own income to achieve the goal that we required. Secondly, we've been working to get more in-game features to the point of presentation so that we can show off what we're looking to do for this game. Lastly, we worked on our graphic presentation to apply to the audience along with giving more of a visual representation as to what we would be giving away as rewards for people's pledges.

We're hoping that this will get us to our goal for our next Kickstarter which we are hoping to release near April of this year.

New Music Samples
In the meantime we've been working on new samples for our OST. These are not final copies of what we will be using in the end results, but we figured it would be nice to see if we can get other's opinions on them :)

City Of Thebes Test 1

Ascension Of The Sands Test 1

Greek City Test 1

Greek City Test 2

We would love to hear your opinions on them so if you have any, I think you can comment on this blog...I think...xD

Demo Production
We've had to really sit down and think about when we wanted to create a demo and how would we work it. When it boiled down to it, we honestly did not want to rush out a demo or prototype of the game. Why? Mostly because we want to make sure that when people actually get to play this demo, it excites them and immerses them in both the world and the game's features. We want to make sure that the first time you play this demo, it will make you want to spend money to buy the whole game just to see what happens next. So We've put off the Demo Production until after our Kickstarter, as we felt at that time we would have more of the resources needed to show off the full potential of the game at it's core :) Sorry if that annoys people xD We just want to be perfect!

As always if you would like to follow our development and get up to date updates about everything that is going on, you can follow or likes us at our social media's below! We hope you all have a great day! Also we will be updating the page today finally with all the new tabs and characters, so look out for that!

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