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Future update details!

  • charblar
  • 02/20/2015 10:07 PM
First of all I'd like to thank everyone for the over 100 downloads of Wolf and Kid and the feedback and reviews we've gotten of the past week and four days. Now back to your future update detailing.

We created Wolf and Kid in 2 weeks 6 days and about 12 hours. From day 1 we had ideas that never made it to the final version even with extended time and corners were cut for somethings when time was ticking down. Here are just a few of the things you'll see in future updates.

The current focus of development is mainly graphical changes along with enhancements to game play that have been taken out of feedback and playthroughs along with new additions to the game that weren't in the Mcbacon Jam build.

Graphic changes
  • Additional Wedge portraits to give him a bit more emotion (Torsos are still being worked on).

  • Swapping out the VX Ace RTP itemset for a custom one, you can probably spot some new items in here we'll get around to that later though!

  • Full 8 directional sprites for Wedge, may not be implemented at first but it will be added.
  • In addition to the more matching icons I'll be implementing a more 16-bit fitting UI and HUD as well.

  • You all asked for it and we're SORT of giving it to you! A sprinting system will be implemented to the game to allow you to move faster for periods of time.
  • Libby will eventually be creating additional maps for all directions allowing more varying experience each playthough.
  • New resources have been added to the game as you can tell from the iconset change from above, as of now the two new (raw) resources are crystal chunks and bundled grass.
  • Armor, as of right now 3 different tiers of armors will be added and depending on which you are wearing it will affect how Wedge's sprite looks.

  • Arrows will be a bit more useful with the option of making stronger arrows or even poison arrows.
  • Additional work on the fishing system.

Since I'm working on a bit in this section of the game I might as well give some info.
  • SFX changes for herbs and berry bushes
  • Possibility of work on custom BGM to complement the ambiance sound
  • More variety in the ambiance sound to fit areas better, it currently only runs off of 4 different loops.

and more!
This isn't everything we have planned but it's just some keythings we're hoping you'll be looking forward to seeing in the future updates.

-Team McBacon's Rootbeer


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I haven't played it yet, and I think I'll probably hold out until the upgraded version, if that's okay with you. I have to say that it all sounds good, but the part that really got me interested is the "armour affecting appearance" one. As someone who places immersion first and foremost, it's been one of my biggest gripes with JRPGs and RPGMaker games in general, and I'm glad that you're planning to avoid that pitfall.
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