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Version 1.2 released

Hey all,

We've put a new version up for download. Some features:

  • Improved chipsets and nicer maps
  • Crates can now be pulled as well as pushed. About time.
  • Some bugfixes related to BGM and crashes in a few savegame edgecases
  • Minor map edits to make some areas less/more difficult or tedious
  • More cut-in art and revisions to the existing screens

Hope you enjoy the update! For the foreseeable future, divergence is complete. We might come back to make a few more sectors one day, but right now none of us have much time to commit to the project and the game seems to be paced and structured nicely as is. Thanks for the support.


Just in time!

We have a download. And it's not even a demo. Full game's set. In time for the McBaconJam deadline, too. Be sure to post if you have any problems, and maybe we'll have a chance to address them before the deadline in ohh 10 hours or so. The engine is new and maybe a little unstable, so I'm definitely interested in technical issues as well as content issues with the game.

Well, anyway, enjoy the game, and you can expect a full post-mortem later. Hope you have as much fun playing it as we did making it.
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