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This is our jam game! We proudly present you... Our Desolate Planet!

(GAME BY Cap_H, CashmereCat and JosephSeraph! I don't know how to add developers to the gamepage yet!!!! >_<')

Join Tyris', SER-37 and Kent's struggles to keep their little home alive, amidst a post-apocalyptic colony in a desolate, remote planet. (that's not even part of a solar system!)

After a mysterious event sometime in the past, mutations occured and enormous parts of the colony lost their power. The knowledge of what happened was lost as the generations went by, and now we live in the remains of the Colony -- the only safe haven in that planet.

Collect resources and delve into the city -- now turned an enormous dungeon -- to fight for your colony's survival. Uncover the mysteries of the planet, and save all that you hold as family and friends. The future of that small handful of people... It is on your hands.

(Tentative title, some things are subject to change and the text is subject to being rewritten, as well.)

(Also, CSS theme is a placeholder. Thanks Chaosproductions for that *u*)

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Status changed to complete because it's technically possible to reach the ending and we're no longer touching this game.


But but. What what. In the butt.

Anyway. Yeah dazzit. :>

The game universe hasn't died though. hohoho. ~


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Oooh, this sounds interesting! I'm looking forward to playing it!

Edit: unity beat me to it. XD
You're magical to me.
Yeah, me too! This looks like fun! :DDD

To add the other developers to the gamepage, just go to the Manage Games page, choose the game, and click on the Users button. It looks like this:

Then choose "add users" at the bottom ^_^
Guardian of the Description Thread
You can probably add your team-mates now that the gamepage has been accepted, Joe!

*Edit: I was noticing the option to add users wasn't available for our gamepage until after it was accepted, so, yeah.
This looks fucking baller.

Classic RM aesthetic in an engine that actually functions just makes me really fucking happy.
I hope we're able to deliver something enjoyable by tomorrow #>wwwwwwwwww<#
We still got ~30 hours, GIGA CRUNCH TIME

I really wish caffeine and other energy stuff worked with me ;_;

EDIT: Oh, and also! Thank you guys for explaining me the whole user thing! Hahah :^D
Resident foodmonster
Downloaded, will try tomorrow when I am not ZOMBIE!
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh tomorrow morning or something i'll probs be wrapping up some moar bugfixs Ocean ;_;
I just downloaded the demo and noticed the Growthboards are inacessible @-@' um hahah >w<
I already downloaded yours too! I feel like doing a Let's Play from this jam's games :D
Ha, nice 2k3 graphics XD. I like the way monsters sortof slide into existence. Btw you guys need a pixelated font and pixelated icons to go with your pixelated everything else.

oh! yeah, we considered that... but... No font looks 100% fine, and having a pixelated font with an ugly non-pixelated border is horrible ;_;
i'm kind of a freak so it really annoys me when a game tries to emulate a lower resolution only to align sprites incorrectly, slide regular-res fogs and things like that. I'm kind of obsessed. Since I know it's kinda impossible to do it with no visible problems, might as well use a regular font not to feed the player with OMG THE FONT IS OFF THE GRID' moments (that I have and make me cry sorry ;_;)

(well that's me, I'm kinda annoying with that because Cash was really looking forward to a pixelated everything >______________> sorry >__<')

I dunno, if you wanna go pixelated then you should actually make a low-res game, and simply use fullscreen++ or something like that to adjust the actual window size. So it feels solid and coherent instead of WHY IS THIS FOG SLIDING ONE PIXEL AT A TIME


I'm testplaying and bugfixing the second half of the game today. Shall continue tomorrow and upload a proper, truly playable version soon enough.I mean, in the one upped in the site you can't even access your Growthboards (aka licence boards, crysarium, license board, you got it) due to a small overlook. which kinda makes it a lv.01 play experience. hahah


why did i make such a lengthy reply to basically a one-liner? I guess I'm sleepy. Gosh. (I really am and it's really late.)
Am I a celebrity!?

I dunno, if you wanna go pixelated then you should actually make a low-res game, and simply use fullscreen++ or something like that to adjust the actual window size. So it feels solid and coherent instead of WHY IS THIS FOG SLIDING ONE PIXEL AT A TIME

That would actually be a pretty cool look!

Well don't know if you're a celebrity but that you're friggin' AWESOME everyone knows ;D

And yeah! While it'd be a cool look it'd also mean recoding everything from scratch. That being said, I do have Luna Engine, which'd make this much easier. In a way. I guess.
I'll try it eventually! Hahah. Until then, I've learnt to embrace resolution clash! Thanks Nippon Ichi for that!!! ROFL

Guardian of the Description Thread
Did you miss a Shining Force credit? The sprites that you use on the maps for the bugs at the beginning of the game are from that series. There's also some very weird sentence structure going down in some of this dialog. It would also be nice if you could review with Erza the items she's looking for in regards to the equipment she makes. I'm imagining a SHOW CHOICE with each of the equipment names as options, but that's just me.

May have more feedback later, as I'm still playing this.
Oh, the credits page is still fully incomplete! cash and cap came up with a lot of resources, and I haven't played SF so I didn't know! They'll update the credits appropriately according to what they added to the project. I mostly focused on scripts hahah xD

And yeah! I agree. The items part definitely needs to be cleared -- there are a few instances where you get the cutscene item but there's no popup for that.

I didn't want to touch these, though, in fear of somehow messing up Cash's cutscene code xD
Majority of the resources we used is rip of the rip. I recognized some of them from Phantasy Star or Star Ocean, but there surely are many more. And we forgot credit at least half of them. There should be Liberty too as I used part of her converts as well as music which isn't credited at the moment at all. We plan to add them at the end of the game as it is kind of common habit.
Guardian of the Description Thread
Played a bit more of this, but was frustrated by enemies that spam a sleep-all attack. Also, out of curiosity, how long does the paralysis condition last? I was in a fight where I had one not-paralyzed character (Kent) and was against an enemy that spammed the sleep-all attack, and the paralysis seems to last an inordinate amount of time. I dunno, it could have seemed to last really long because I could only really perform one action a turn, presuming I was lucky enough for Kent not to fall asleep!
I played a bit of this (up to meeting the old man in the tent). It's a bit difficult for me to pinpoint exactly why I don't like this game much. I guess it comes down to it feeling very rough in most places. It has decent concepts but the execution seems a bit untested: the dialog can be quite shaky, the tone wobbles a lot during the intro, music comes and goes, the first area's mapping makes no sense...
It could be a good game, but it needs a solid testing and editing, I feel. As it is, I just could not get into it.
I streamed the game and you can (if you like, but be warned I kinda bash it and I swear a lot by default) watch it over here. I felt a bit mean uploading it as media to the game page since it's so negative and short.
Marrend, fixed the whole sleep and paralysis issue... The plants were supposed to Stun, not to Paralyze! >_<' and I added status checks to be easily found. (that was supposed to be done but I TOTALLY forgot.)

Don't worry'bout being 'mean' Indra! I'll gladly watch it. This game is an odd beastie...
The "end" (not really end) product is kind of the antonym of Synergy... Yet we learnt a lot whilst making this.

I think this experience was, for us, more about the learning than the final product itself. We comitted many, many grave mistakes from the very first day, especially considering none of us 3 had made any team games before and we're all beginners!

Anyway, I'm gonna watch zis. ;w;
I'm gonna probably moan a little while I watch it. And I may want to have some hot chocolate to comfort me. But it's gonna be cool HAHAHAHAHA :D <3

Thanks for the feedie guys <3 ;w; and I'm sorry if you feel frustrated and want to punch your monitor while playing this >_____________<"
Hey I streamed this and thought it was decent. I liked the art style and storyline was promising.

Thanks guys for your playthroughs. They were nice.
And I rofl'd with Indra, though I should probably have cried instead. LOL
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