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Status changed to complete because it's technically possible to reach the ending and we're no longer touching this game.


But but. What what. In the butt.

Anyway. Yeah dazzit. :>

The game universe hasn't died though. hohoho. ~

Progress Report

☆♥❤ New DL!~ *w*)~ ❤♥☆

So, after 2 days or so of extensive bugfixing, the game is now... playable. there's a lot of stuff missing or in wrong places, but I hopefully managed to erase about 80 to 90% of the major bugs, and can call this an Alpha version.

Dialogue is still undergoing changes, as is pacing, items will still be reworked and treasures will be changed. And the game will actually stop you from not going where you aren't supposed to. lol.

And dazzit. Play it, good luck and feedback is wacom!!! <3

Progress Report

Fistful of Jam

There will be ending before the Midnight! kinda

So I added the download. And Joseph is gonna kill me as soon as he gets to know. It's more than mere demo. It's a whole game! But it can't be finished and many parts are just passed out. There is no missing location and no entirely missing story scene. Cash may manage to finish the last one before midnight. This one tricky ends in the middle at the moment.
We had great plans for our collaboration and we made them even bigger after the extension. There was one major problem, tho. We haven't have Changelog. And so happened inevitable. We lost part of our progress. And not once or twice. I overwritten Joseph's Growthboards in the middle of the event. If that had happened to me, it would have made me so angry, I wouldn't to gam mak for months. He did and finished his part. Gloriously. My work was overwritten several times too, but it was nothing as serious as my mistake. For the next McBacon, first thing I'm going to settle is changelog.
Both Cash and Jo are beautiful and creative coworkers and I did enjoy my time with them.
And now, back to play-testin.

Progress Report

Download in a few hours!

Hi there guys! Just wantin' to announce that in 4ish hours from now Cap or Cash'll be submitting the game! Keep in mind, though, that it's an alpha. Large amounts of dialogue are to be changed, a proper music selection is still to be done and there are a few things that are still in the works. But all in all, I think we've nailed down a pretty nice experience!

Tyris, Kent and SER-37. Our new babies. <3
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