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Status changed to complete because it's technically possible to reach the ending and we're no longer touching this game.


But but. What what. In the butt.

Anyway. Yeah dazzit. :>

The game universe hasn't died though. hohoho. ~


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Good to know.
I planned on touching it softly. Haven't got time yet (and won't have it any time soon).
Well, we may be TOUCHING it.
but you know. Not actually DSHAGJDFHGJHAIUDH LET'S REBUILD THE GAME because, neither me nor Cash will synchronize to work with this game anymore, and no one of us alone can do much of it because it is the amalgam of all our 3 visions x3
But hey, heyheyhey. Add me on skype. Let's chat. V:
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
Haha yeah let's not rebuild this game. A spinoff would be rad, though.

It's funny because I already asked Cap if he would join Skype.
I don't have Skype. I'm afraid to download it, cuz i would be totally addicted to it.
I want to add some more tweaks to 0.9.3 version and upload it here (i'm not sure whether the finale was made 'logical.')
there needs to be a lot of 'touches' to the progression as well, as we know it's really broken. Iiiii just might. But I have many things to get out of the way first. x3
Well, if you think it's done, then I guess it's done. In the same vein, though, didn't nhubi promise to change her unrated review to 1/1.5 star if she didn't see significant changes in a few months time? That was roughly three months ago, not much has apparently changed, and the status is now complete, so... yeah.
It was way more than 3 months ago actually I THINK. But yeah. This isn't the kind of game we can go and finish alone, we have to have that conjoined effort again and, that I can speak for myself, depression's been hitting me hard on the face for those last years. I'd rather not move back but move on. However, a fresh start with a spinoff would be awesome as balls ~ <3 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

also lol calunio <3 :> WE GON DO NUU GAM JUST YA WATHC
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