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Sacred Reviews: Our Desolate Planet


Our Desolate Planet is another entry in the McBacon Jam #1 contest and I'll be upfront in admitting that I only spent roughly a hour and half playing this game before doing this review. So, I guess you could call this more of a first impression then a review.


The story starts out with an introduction that contradicts several statements on the summary page for this game. For starters the events that led to the destruction of society and much of the colony took place only a generation ago. So it's highly unlikely that the knowledge of the civilization ending cataclysm has been lost. And what was this the cause of this massive disaster you ask? It was a solar eclipse an event that while rare on Earth is relatively common elsewhere in our own solar system. It just boggles the mind that such a routine event could be so devastating. In fact, I'd argue that this idea should be scrapped in favor of a more sensible idea.

I also question the existence of giant bugs on this planet to some extent, but only because I get tired of seeing giant insects, spiders, and rodents in almost every game I come across. The bugs are especially annoying since a lot of games seem to apply they are taking place on a planet much like Earth which would make me assume that they have a similar percentage of oxygen in their atmosphere. And if the percentage of oxygen is similar then the existence of these giant insects would be impossible. Thankfully, most games don't actually state the percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere so there is no way to make a scientifically valid complaint about the existence of these massive bugs, but it does make my eyes roll a bit when they pop up.

Though on a more relevant note after my rant about giant insects the game does need some cleanup work on its grammar and spelling in a few places.


On the plus side for me the game utilizes a turn-based combat system and like the last few games I've covered combat occurs when you've come into contact with an enemy sprite on the world map. On the downside the combat is broken in favor of the player. Though, to be fair this is the least offensive issue any combat system could have in my opinion. There are a few causes of the balance issues. For starters Kent has the ability weaken right from the start and it not only does a decent amount of damage it also decreases four of the targets stats. Another issue is that the super weapons appear to be over powered. Or at least that is the impression I'm getting out of the blazing sun which is now allowing me to practically one shot enemies that took half a dozen hits to kill previously.

Though to end on a positive note the game doesn't have the player stat up like normal. Instead the player needs to spend points in their growthbook in order to improve their stats or learn additional abilities. This adds a feel of customization to the game since you can decide what skills your character will learn and the order they will learn them in.


In my opinion the mapping work is decent, but the game does seem to have an issue with enemy sprites wandering around an area after they are defeated. Or at least I've heard them growl at me and have seen exclamation points appear above their invisible heads. Thankfully, it isn't possible to reengage these enemies, but this is something that should be looked at and fixed.


I wouldn't say the background music is bad per se, but the lack of a battle theme is clearly felt and noticed early on in the game. The battle theme is pivotal in setting the tone for battle and its absence feels like an oversight. Or at least I hope it was an oversight.


Our Desolate Planet is strange in that it's the only entry in the contest that I've looked at so far that leaves me with mixed feelings on what was presented. A lot of the areas in the game like the narrative, graphics, and music are all in need of some minor work. The combat on the other hand is in need of some major tweaks if the developer's want to iron out the balance issues with the combat.


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Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
Thanks for the review, thesacredlobo. Your qualm about the story is duly noted, personally I thought that a solar eclipse was a funny way of introducing mayhem in the world, sort of like a symbolic thing saying "the way that the apocalypse happens doesn't really matter, it could even be a solar eclipse". But I agree, it does kind of ignore all rules of physics.

That bug with the disappearing bugs (he he he) is a valid one. We might iron that out if we ever return to this project.

It's my fault that there's no battle theme. I usually find a separate battle theme jarring, but maybe no battle theme is even worse.

Thanks again for the review.
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