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Arakhavia, home to the leonine lass known as Vivian of Amberclaw. Somewhere in her home province of Brigalia, Vivian had hoped to become an adventurer. Mastering a simple healing spell, and venturing to a cavern not far from her hometown, she sought to start a career as a monster hunter.

That is, until one thing led to another. Awakening upon a rug in a mysterious marble maze, Vivian had lost her memory of what had happened upon entering that cavern. With no gear but the clothing on her back, and with only a single protective power to keep herself alive, she ventures forth into the unknown, inside of the Wolf's Labyrinth...


My first official RPG Maker project, this game is slated to be a simple starting game. Feature I intend to include are as follows:

* One-on-one duels against most monsters, where strategy and MP conservation will win the day

* Simple dungeon-crawling action; almost all of the maps in-game consist of the dungeon itself

* Keys to find that unlock both the boss room, as well as a powerful treasure to even the odds

* A parable of a story about coming to terms with one's own capabilities

* Niche-based spells and items; no slew of unnecessary gear, or spells that lose their use throughout the adventure

Non-Enterbrain resources used are from Kaduki (an iconset), as well as Qut (the battlers used in-game), as well as edits of existing resources from VX Ace's character generator.


In this simple demo, the heroine will traverse through the first of four intended biomes within the Wolf's Labyrinth. Currently, I am looking for opinions of game mechanics as well as balance issues in this Minimum Viable Product of my intended RPG.

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