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Warning ! This game is in French ! I plan translating it in English for each demo.
Everything quoted mean the names are in French.

Here is my 2nd game introduced on RMN. Sorcelleria began in November 2014.
It is a traditionnal RPG with some humor.

Main protagonists:
- Marianne Chaudrond, aged 27
A young witch who was chosen by Miss Tifier to be the jury president of the Annual Sorcellery Contest, which takes place in Avornèle.
In battle, Marianne can cast status spells. However, she doesn't have lots of offensive spells...

- Yveline Abadère, aged 20
She won the Annual Sorcellery Contest in her category. She will escort Marianne during her quest.
In battle, Yveline attacks with water spells. She can heal the party and also increase defense with a water wall.

- Bryan Grant, aged 22
He will escort Marianne and Yveline when they'll climb the Mont Blanchi (French name). Bryan is an adventurer who got rabbit ears after he quarreled with a witch.
In battle, Bryan has a good strength and can even inflict critical hits very easily (12 percent instead of 5 for Marianne and Yveline) ! The main problem is he can't use spells at all !

- Anji Kozamo, aged 23
One of Bryan's cousins. Anji is a shaolin monk travelling in order to improve his skills. Like his cousin, Anji is a little bit crazy.
In battle, he cannot use magic spells at all ! Despite that weakness, he has high Strength and Speed and some interesting special attacks.

Other important characters:
- Miss Tifier
A very famous witch who Marianne enjoys very much.
- Miss Téria
Miss Tifier's big sister. She can teach Marianne and pals some useful spells.
- Charly
A mysterious man nicknamed "Le brouillard gris" (ENG: The gray fog). Marianne and Yveline will meet him for the first time during the introductive quest.
- Kathrin
A naughty girl, working for Nécronox. Marianne's team will often have to show her who's the boss here !

Evil character:
- Nécronox ! A devil who was sent by Miss Tifier, 30 years ago, in a place called "Univers banni" (ENG: The banished universe). However, he managed to escape from there and he wants revenge !

Main plot:
In order to eradicate Nécronox for ever, Marianne and others need to find "Les Objets Magiques du Sorcier Légendaire" (ENG: Legendary Sorcerer's Magic Items). There are 7 magic items. What's more, Nécronox casted a spell that will eradicate the world in 14 days ! There's no time to waste !

- Overworld system (see the Images tab)
- Side-view battle system (I'm using the JVBS, by Jet)

Game credits:
- Scripts
--- Jet, for his JVBS
--- V.M. (from DaimonousTails website), for his Basic Enemy HP bars
--- Yanfly, for his Message System, his Victory Aftermath and his Parallax Lock
--- Ceodore, for his script showing variables on map
--- Moghunter, for his animated title screen
--- Shaz, for his Event Extract (only for translating)
- Graphics
--- Enterbrain for its 2k3 battlers, and for VX Ace software !
--- Kaduki
--- Fflo (for custom graphics)
--- Xandiar (from RPG Maker Speciality, my forum) for sharing many characters
- Audio
--- BrawlCustomMusic for video games OST (I mainly use Nintendo ones)

Even if Sorcelleria started in November 2014, there's not much content: 2 days 1/2 finished out of 14.

Each demo will be available each 3 days of quest.
As I'm working with Day 3, demo will be soon online. Wait and see...

Latest Blog

Downgrade failed, Game Over...

The title says it all.
Windows 10 was such a pain since few weeks, so I downgraded it to Windows 8.
However, I don't know how it happened, every RPG Maker project I've been working on was not saved correctly.
Sorcelleria and ALJotS are dead. Definitely.
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Guardian of the Description Thread
You had me at "sorceresses" and "humor".
Be careful ! I'm French
Sorcelleria now has a nice-looking logo !
It renders very well within RMN !
Guardian of the Description Thread
Oooooh, the logo's got a Wand of Blast-ing! Ba-da-boom ba-da...

Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
"sorcerers and witches"

Damn, I love those things :)
Then I see it will only be in French :(

I sure hope there is an English speaking game maker person who will translate
this game into English.....or even Canadian so I can play :)

Subscribed in the hopes of a future TRANSLATED version :)
Be careful ! I'm French
Don't worry !
French is my first language, but I can speak English almost fluently. I won't have any problem to translate the game.
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
GREAT, bring on those witches and sorcerers :)
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