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New Beginning, Untimely End

First, the good news:
Even if it may have seemed that way, we haven't forgotten about Disparity after the McBacon Jam ended. In fact, right at this moment, a new, revised and improved version is being uploaded. Thanks to the enormous amount of feedback we received after the Jam, a number of major flaws of the game could be identified and hopefully ironed out. Combat has undergone some significant changes while keeping the original idea of "indirect battles" - in fact, the way it works now, it might fit the game's themes even better. Tutorials have also been heavily revised, dialogue and cutscenes were updated and some other small improvements added.

Now, here's the less good news:
Our dear team member and artist Suzy very suddenly disappeared about two months ago. We haven't heard anything from her since. For a while, we kept hoping she would return again, but at some point we had to face the facts. Right now, all we can do is hope Suzy is all right and nothing bad has happened.
This also forced us to take a decision: Unfortunately, there is simply no way we'll be able to finish Disparity without Suzy. There's still a number of art assets we would definitely need to create the complete game as we envisioned it. As it is now, that is impossible.
So we have no choice to make the sad announcement: With the uploading of the new demo, Disparity has to be officially cancelled. I'm very sorry about this development and want to apologise very much to you, the players. None of us liked having to take this decision, but there simply is no other solution. Still, we do hope you'll like what we've done with the improved version of the demo.

Also, our composer TungerManU has released some really nice soundtracks that were originally planned to feature in the full game.
You can find them here.

Lastly, I just want to thank everyone who took the time to play and comment on the first demo, and thank the rest of the team for the good work! Who knows, maybe we'll tackle another project together again one day in the future...

Again, my apologies for cancelling this project.
Take care, everybody!


The Jam Demo is now available!

Mere minutes before the deadline of the McBacon Jam, we managed to get the demo version of Disparity ready to be downloaded. In fact, this version is already a large portion of what the complete game will be, so it's less of a demo and more of a work-in-progress. It is however fully playable and hopefully enjoyable.

Thank you to everyone who decides to give this game a try. We will try to deliver the complete experience as soon as possible.
Should you want to give us any kind of feedback or happen to like something about our game, please go ahead and leave a comment on the game page.

Feel free to give (or not give) a round of applause to:
Yellow Magic for the writing and the general idea behind the game,
suzy_cheesedreams for the custom graphics,
TungerManU for the original soundtrack,
NeverSilent for the battle system.

But as it should, the result feels like more than the sum of its parts. Everyone helped everyone else with their tasks, and ultimately nobody was solely responsible for any part of the game. Working with this team has been a great experience, and I hope the other Jam teams feel the same way about it.
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