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Sacred Reviews: Disparity


Disparity was created for the McBacon Jam #1 contest and was created by NeverSilent, suzy_cheesedreams, Yellow Magic, and TungerManU. And while the game does have some strong points in several areas. It also has an inescapable Achilles heel.


I'd normally not cover this section so early in a review, but I feel like I should get the worst aspect of this game out of the way as soon as possible. While the idea of reflecting spells in order to enhance their strength or modify their effects is rather interesting. The rate at which the magic attacks move across the screen leaves little chance for the player to react or utilize the system effectively. This inability to utilize the system to its true potential due to poor design quickly leads to the player feeling frustrated and hostile.

In fact, I was actually happy when I died within the first twenty minutes of play since it meant I could move onto another game. And, the last thing any developer should want to hear is that the player is actually happy at the thought of quitting in the middle of their game in order to go play something else. It's a clear sign that the game is failing and that isn't something any developer wants.


I'm not entirely sure what the story of the demo is. From what I can gather it appears that magic is utilized much like fossil fuels in order to power devices and that only certain people have magical energy. And that the main character, Ciss, left the city in order to find true freedom and develop her powers to their fullest extent under the guidance of Zilla.


I'll admit that I'm not particularly fond of the art style on display here, but I do appreciate any attempt to include custom graphics in games like this. It helps give the game a sense of identity that utilizing only the RTP can never provide.


While I am aware that this game has custom music. I'll also admit that I'm not sure what to think about since the combat was so frustrating for me that I completely tuned it out.


Disparity is a game that is ultimately ruined by its combat system. While the concept itself is interesting and definitely worth salvaging. The execution of that system is in desperate need of reworking and fine-tuning. As it stands I wouldn't recommend this demo to even my worst enemy.


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Got any Dexreth amulets?
Ouch... That's really harsh, man. Still, I appreciate your feedback and will keep it in mind while trying to improve the gameplay for the full version. Personally, I never had any difficulty with the speed and/or rate of the projectiles and was even afraid it would be too slow for potential players - but then again, I designed the system, so it's no wonder I had a much less hard time with it.

Anyway, thanks for the review, and I hope you'll find the new version much less frustrating once the "reworking and fine-tuning" has been done.
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