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A land of deepest shade,
Unpierced by human thought
The dreary regions of the dead,
Where all things are forgot.

- Idumea

Adeline and her two siblings live in a secluded land far removed from the rest of civilization. Raised by their beloved father, they've been taught little else but how to endure and survive. When their father disappears after a routine hunting trip, Adeline and her siblings are granted new freedoms, but the secrets they uncover will challenge everything they've ever known about themselves, their father, and the world itself.

In this game, you play as Adeline, a young yet determined girl who must endure life in a beautiful yet desolate land filled with wild beasts and other dangers. A big part of this will involve her exploring the wilderness and uncovering resources to aid in the of survival of her family. She must also train her younger siblings to survive by teaching them new skills and actions to help them better handle the world and all it will throw at them.

- Custom art and programming by Hasvers and calmone, maps by yuna21, storyline/script by blueperiod

Created for the January/February 2015 McBacon Jam. Theme of deprivation and/or abundance.

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I love these facesets. They look great guys!
Subbed with Love!
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not to many people have made a western themed game with rpg maker. not my personal interest but still better then some things ive sat thru :3
gl with this project!
Thanks everyone! Clearly we're not going to have a demo out by the deadline, but we're quite far along so we'll release the full game soon enough.

It's been a blast having other people to work with, it was really nice being able to focus on drawing and leave others to do all the narrative, maps and scripts!
Yeah, unfortunately, I kind of sandbagged the project with my writing, so we won't be able to have a demo up today.

But yeah, it was awesome working with yuna, Calmone and Hasvers! I think we worked really well together and everyone had awesome ideas. I personally learned quite bit from this experience (number one lesson-- make sure you know what you're getting into when it comes to crazy videogame concepts!)

Blueperiod, hasvers, and yuna on a project?

The McBaconJam might be the best thing that has ever happened.

CalmOne, I haven't seen any of your other projects before, but you are making an awesome thing here.
I really like the atmosphere/art style!
Circumstance penalty for being the bard.
Do you get to play as Sam Elliott in this game?
WOW! I'm in love! I'll be watching this! I just love your style. Everything is so unique! Good luck!
Do you get to play as Sam Elliott in this game?

Ha ha. Hasvers and I discussed Mr. Elliott when coming up with the look for the 'Pa' character. Unfortunately, you never play as him. He's more of a mentor figure.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
So did this die? I really was looking forward to playing it.
Not dead, actually! We're still planning on finishing it at some point, just not at the moment, since most of us are working on other projects right now. This was meant to be a short game so there's actually not much work that needs to be done to get it to a releasable state, so when we do get back to it, it should be finished fairly quickly.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Good to hear, back on my playlist it goes :)
Ohhhhhh shit, new hasvers game, I'm hyped!
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