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Ascendence's won the following 2009 Misaos:
Best Setting, Best Atmosphere, Best Sound & Music, Most Technical Prowess, Best Level Design, Best Interface Design, Most Promising Demo


The world is largely unknown to its inhabitants of our kind. Mankind is only a tiny race struggling to survive and exist on the surface of their world. As the bottom of the food chain, they've set out to live in what they call Colonies, small regions they've locked themselves into, varying between cities built inside mountains, beneath or on the surface of the seas, and some daringly in the middle of bald, plain terrain, confined by huge walls towering high above their heads.

Why they are living in here is because there is no stepping outside those Colonies, for on the other side of those walls awaits nefarious nature, striving to wipe off their existence parasites, if you will. Even if those walls are barely enough to hold off the worst, it doesn't hold off those other inhabitants of this atmosphere, those known as the Beasts. The humans are one of the natural nourishments for the Beast-kind, which is diverse in species, all specialized to hunt in different ways, all with a common goal: to consume and to survive. This is not the only threat to the inhabitants of the Colonies, but the clearest one: the one coming from the outside.

What exists inside, diseases such as Miasma; deception and scheming; conspiracies; assassins, and other various methods one is willing to take to ensure self-survival.

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Ascendence Resources

Every now and then people have been asking me for a permission to use the resources I used in Ascendence, or then they have used them without a permission anyway, so I put together a pack of resources I used in the game. Here you go:


There is a folder for resources I compiled myself and a folder for general resources that I've grabbed from wherever I've liked.

Unfortunately I'm not going to upload the last version of the project folder as the size is somewhere around 700 Mb!

But if you're wondering how these resources were used, you can take a look in the old demo version and the screenshots I've posted here on RMN. Here's also some additional screenshots of the areas that weren't included in the demo:

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Hi Rei-
I just wanted to be nice and tell you I'm a big fan of your first two projects, even though they're unfinished. I love old school games and I believe you have a lot of talent in rpgmaking. Keep up the good work.
Ehi! I've played this game! It's amazing!!!!
But I want to ask a question: this game contains many resources like NPCs and chipset that I didn't find anywhere else. I need them for the game that I'm developing!!!
Can I use some of them? I will edit them!! And I will also credit you, Rei!!
Thanks in advance!
Devil's in the details
Yeah, go ahead. Most of the stuff I used I spent a lot of time on editing and customizing.
Really? Can I use them??? I won't use them all, I promise! And I won't take these resources as they are but I will make some edits or use of editing other things.
Thanks a lot!!!!
Sorry but if you have cancelled it does it mean that you don't continue the game anymore? It was amazing!! I'm waiting for a complete version of the game!! But if you don't feel like going on, then do as you want.
Hey Happy, this looks really ace. I'm wondering why it was ever cancelled but I'm afraid to ask because I'm guessing you've already answered the question---I just can't spot where.
Devil's in the details
Hey Happy, this looks really ace. I'm wondering why it was ever cancelled but I'm afraid to ask because I'm guessing you've already answered the question---I just can't spot where.

It's alright. I quited this and any other RM games I was working on mainly because my waining interest for Rpg Maker.
It made me strongly unhappy to see it was cancelled. Anyway, I hope you're still developing games somehow, you're good.
I didn't know how to concact you. I liked custom characters in Ascendence so I decided to "use" some (4-5) at my project. I worked with them more, and made various custom emo gfx for them as well. However I think you deserve special thanks in credit. That's why I am posting this. I hope u don't mind on the other hand contact me, ty.
If you have a new question, edit your previous post. Do not double, triple or multipost. It's against site rules.
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
Pity this was never completed.
Just played this demo for about the 6th time.
Awful mess it's been cancelled.
coming back here to see if the best rpg maker game had been finished... guess not.
Developer, Starless Umbra / Heroes of Umbra
I had forgotten the name of this project but remembered the intro so vividly. I ended up browsing thru all games until I found it again and gave it another play. This is as atmospheric as I remember 10 years ago. Hope you're doing well and still creating things.