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Fellow developers ahoy!

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  • 07/29/2009 07:11 AM
So, I came to think my working methods efficiency for Ascendence, and the general time usage of the project this morning. As the game was originally aimed to be a project for 3 people. In the end I was left (almost) all alone again, and I can't help but to feel it's going to take me at least three time as long to finish, as originally planned!

When we begun, there was 2 people bouncing off the ideas for the story, and two, in head of directing the game. At least that produced a solid plot-line and direction for game. There was also 1 person assisting with the gameplay mechanics and oh, one more person doing a few maps.

Now as most of the game seems very clear to me in my mind, and I see all that needs to be done, I just sometimes feel overwhelmed of the workload (again.) So all the plans and the instructions are there! The workers? Only me.

Now, I don't mind doing it alone at all. Actually I do prefer it from my creative point of view, and keeping my project independency in mind, but being totally honest to myself and thinking of getting the entire game done (which is the most important matter concerning the entire project) I could really use some help.

Now, I'm still thinking of which parts I could hand out for other people, or which aspects they could help with. I've got used to cover every aspect, and have ideas for all of them. Also, I consider my standards high, at least if we consider the subject I am judging, as an average Joe creating a solid RPG.

Of course I've got my weak and inefficient parts too. Right off, writing and number crunching being two for example. I do have 2 persons helping me a bit with writing already though, but that leaves out number crunching, in other words, gameplay mechanics, or to be even more precise. RM database.

Now don't get me wrong. I do work around database and try to see a lot of effort to polish all the database parts too, but when it just comes to time usage, it's abysmal timesink for me. I can do it alone, but I am writing this blog entry with finished game in my mind.

So, if you think you could be up to cooperate with my ideas and assist developing Ascendence in way or another, please do contact me. In priority, I am firstly just looking for someone to cover a part of the database work, ie. skills, items, enemies, and other cool stuff like that. So if you feel creative on that part of game developing I'd be glad to hear out your ideas and share some of mine.

Though I must mention this again. I've got the basic structure and ideas for gameplay aspects covered, so you don't need to worry about getting the whole load on your shoulders. I am just looking for a person who has some fresh ideas and could help with some tweaking, and adding more to the gameplay sector.

Artist and people who feel comfortable working with pixel graphics and sprites ahoy, too. I've sure got something for you too, if you want to help the complete version of Ascendence see daylight some day.

All in all, artists and geeks, do contact me. Preferably those with several years of experience on whatever aspect you're offering to help me with. I have personally been working my own games for 7 years and I'm highly inspired and positive of finishing this one. Preferably in the next three. =)


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RM database stuff, or "number crunching", is one of my favorite parts of RPG design. Do you not have things like skills, equipment, enemies and items planned out? What about classes/character stats?

While unfortunately I don't have the time to commit to the level you'd expect, I can take a quick peek at the stuff you have going on now, and maybe churn out an excel spreadsheet or two.
Devil's in the details
There aren't actual classes, but each hero has individual set of special skills, and additionally you're able to teach every of them spells from the same "skill board". That's where you can also raise their stats. As it's actually a huge character customizating custom menu, I don't mind doing it myself.

But what I generally lack for the most part are different type of items, equipments, skills and monsters.

I've done some work planning how to gain stats and skills and also building the frames for them, but the real abilities and skills themselves are still missing for the most part.
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