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Is she cute, or is she cute?

  • Happy
  • 12/25/2009 10:15 AM
Another one colored! Great job by meh_ch!

Here's Carol:

She's soo cute *coughcleavage*

What comes to Ascendence otherwise, it's kinda on hold untill Ill Will for Game Chill is complete. Which is not long anymore.

Check Ill Will meanwhile: http://rpgmaker.net/games/1647/

Getting back to Asc right after.


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Rei you bastard you better get this game done, I have one thing off my Christmas list I am waiting for the second.
Yeah, she's cute. Great job, meh_ch...and Rei! =)
Skin tone makes her look like she is hyperventilating.
Devil's in the details
She's supposed to be a bit darker skinned, but I guess it doesn't come off right, then.
She seems...what is the word I'm looking for...perky :D
Devil's in the details
She's perky in many ways, indeed!
Is that your way of saying she is a perv?
Rei, that's hideous.

jk She's looking good
Devil's in the details
Just thought I'd post the finalized version:

I'm continuing with proper updates from February on, when Ill Will should be complete.
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