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New formatting!

So now the gamepage has been updated for you with all the information labeled out nicely with the RMN3 gamepage feature. =)

No new content yet, though! Sorry. I am currently working the beginning of first chapter. I'll reveal you that storytelling of the game won't be chronotically linear at all, but between all the three first chapters you'll be bouncing between the present major event and those episodes in the past that have led into this dire situtation.

All the three first chapters take place in the past and tell the story up to the present time, of which you'll play bits of in between of every chapter. And by present time I don't mean the prologue, but something you'll find right after it.

Anyway, I'm pretty inspired still and this part is exciting to work on. I'll show some screens later or even a vid if I get some of the custom systems fleshed out sometime soon. Alsooo, I should bug myself to finish more of the linearts.

Anyway yeah, not much else. Have a nice day.


Lots of downloads! Thank you!

Hey, I just want to thank everyone for playing this game. Thanks for giving it a chance, and I'm glad you have enjoyed it! I have already fixed up issues with dialogue pacing and speed (streamlining / text speed) and I am working on the new content.

Summer time has been a bit slower for the process because of relationships / work, and whatnot, but anyway, stuff's going alright and I'm still very excited to release everything I'm holding up with this game!

See you around! I'll try to drop some content updates in the near future.


Missing file!

I thought I should post this here, too.

Alright, Karsuman discovered out a gamebreaking bug - this one missing file.

There's a chance you don't come across the scene where you need it, but there as well is, that you do, and the game crashes.

So, anyone who's intending to play this, ADD THIS FILE TO THE BATTLE ANIMATIONS



I'm so inspired to work Ascendence again! I don't know if it's because of RSD or what, but I really want to work on it again!

So yeah! :)


Little Hiatus

Past month has been really unproductive and my focus has kinda shook off from RM for a bit. I've been working many months non-stop, and I just kinda need a bit time for myself.

I'm doing thing and another now and then, but I won't force myself to work or I'll be fed up as I'm a bit for now.

I'll still aim to have a demo in RS VI, so I'll try to get back to Asc before then.


End of Hiatus!

Okay, so I managed to finish my Halloween game for the contest held in Gamning World in time! Actually, I was able to finish the whole one month non-stop work 6 minutes before deadline. =)

So yeah, While working some parts of it, I got really motivated to work Asc even more efficently, but on the last days with all the all-nighters and stuff I kinda burned out, so I'll take a few days rest...

But then, the hiatus is over! Working on Asc again. :)

If you want the check the Halloween game, it's called Elegy's Eve! Check my profile for other games and you'll find it. :D



The project will be on a hiatus for about a month or so. Depends on how long it will take me to finish the Halloween game for GW contest. So yeah, probably untill Halloween, or so. But at least I can then hopefully present a nice Halloween game for everyone!
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