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  • Added: 11/04/2009 09:06 PM
  • Last updated: 05/29/2023 07:22 PM


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Devil's in the details
Thanks. I'm going to still adjust it a bit later. Quinn's hand needs fixing. (Look at that finger...) And I might change height scale of the characters and give them a bit longer legs.
Finger? I thought it was a banana.
Devil's in the details
Hahaha, yeah I know. I did the figures really quick with vectors.
I was going to ask if he was holding a banana but Nightblade beat me to it. I'm going to mention it anyway.

"Why yes I am happy to see you but this is in fact a banana in my pocket."
Dang! You removed the old title screen. While I do quite like this new title screen, I'm not sure if I like it more than the old one.

Luckily, I have it stored in my locker:

I think it's the two silhouettes that bother me about the new one. Can you try taking them out and just having the cool forest and see what that looks like?
Devil's in the details
Well here's the newest version in-game with, and without the characters:


The one with character is still my personal favorite, as it tells more of the game than having only a forest instead.

I think it also looks more multi-dimensional. And if I take the characters out, the bare rocks left out there look kinda out of place, and if I take them off too, you'll be only left with the forest bg.
I think I know what bugs me. The rocks all do have a dark silhouette BUT they also have a bright edge to them. The characters, however, are solid silhouettes.

Are there any points on the characters that can be illuminated/highlighted like the rocks are? If you know what I mean.
...or would that just look stupid?
Devil's in the details
I do too, but if I did that, I think it'd contrast with the background then. I mean, then the forest would be off the perspective.

Now the only thing that is, is probably those rocks. Maybe I should edit them, rather than the characters? If they're too disturbing, that is.
Nah, just go with the second one with the 2 characters as is. Time to work on the game now, not titlescreens!
is it too late for ironhide facepalm
this title screen is of utmost quality.
the slight discrepancies in the shading actually don't bother me much at all, as far as the figures are concerned. good work as usual, rei.
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