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A pleasure to do business

  • nickad
  • 04/03/2009 01:50 AM
Ascendence Review
This game has been one of the most anticipated games on the top of my list that I have wanted to play.
Hearing that there was a little teaser demo being released for the Release Something! VI Event, I quickly dashed to the page and clicked download several times.
Now, I can’t say much about this, as it is only a short demo, showcasing a few of the games marvelous features and plot (for a short demo, it spanned on quite a bit!), but we’ll give our opinion anyway.

The first aspect that come to mind is the gameplay.
The gameplay is rather bland to begin with, with a lot of dialogue to read through, but once you pass the introduction, you start to dig deeper into the fruit.
The game incorporates the usage of quick time/dash buttons, which are used to activate certain events (e.g, you must continuously tap spacebar to untie yourself from a rope before a guard comes). These are excellent and give a sense of action.
Another great aspect is the multiple situations you can land yourself in.
I can’t provide an example as I haven’t tried them all, but there are multiple instances where you can land yourself in more than one situation to get out of.
This was especially noticed in a chase scene throughout the middle of the prologue.
The game also features a custom menu system (well, more of an ability system, but it can be classed as a custom menu system). This system is well designed, as well as looking great.
Though, we don’t get to use it much during the demo, as most of its features have been disabled.
Another aspect of gameplay would be the battle system.
We only get a short taste of this, but it is apparent that it is a highly-modified version of RPG MAKER 2003’s default battle system.
The various modifications in the battle system give the games battles a unique feel. This can’t really be expanded upon as you only get a brief taste of the battles, with only one character.

Another great aspect about the game is its unique graphical style.
All of the sprites and environments really mesh together well, as well as creating a unique and exhilarating atmosphere.

The music for the game also suits perfectly, and gives each environment and event an individual experience. The music has been tailored to each scene individually. This really contributes to the overall style and atmosphere.

Now, the good points out-weigh the bad points of this game tenfold, but we can’t suggest this is for the whole game, as this is only a teaser demo, or, as the creator stated, ‘something’ and not really a demo.
The only minor flaws that are present is the long waits in dialogue.
At some points of the game, you would be waiting for the NPC to finish speaking as they just drawl on a lot, as well as the long waits in-between different dialogue.
This can be annoying as the game is quite fast-paced, but the long dialogue offsets the flow of the game.
That is about the only bad point of the game. It truly is, because it is that marvelous!

For those that are expectant to play this game, I’d recommend that you play this demo, or ‘something’, but do not take it as the full product.
There is a lot of promise in this game, and I’ll be there for when it shows it’s full colours!
Well done Rei!