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Delicious! Delicious! A must-eat.

  • YDS
  • 07/18/2009 10:06 PM

To begin with, I will be honest and say that there are not many complaints that I have with Ascendence. Despite of the fact that it is just a demo, I highly recommend it to everyone. It is a prime example of a well-made RPG, even though it is not very long.
Alright, let’s begin the review!

Graphics -

It wasn’t really the mapping that caught my eye but the level of detail on the interactions between characters and the environment. The details and effort into into this was mind blowing. I’ve personally been a huge fan of poses mainly because it reminds the audience that these characters are supposed to be ‘alive,’ not just stiff bodies standing there. I rarely see many games attempt this as extensively and in-depth as Rei. That aside, the graphics are put together well too. Animations are fairly smooth and pleasing to the eyes.

Writing – N/A
The scenes were well-scripted and it definitely kept my attention. I have very little to comment other than everything seems good so far, because I did not really get a good feel for what the story of the game is, I will not rate this category. Though I will say that the writing seemed fine.

Sound Effects -

Nothing particularly special; it fit and it was pleasing to the ears. Nothing I could immediately recognize, which is good. There were plenty of sound effects, again adding to the “interactivity” the environment had.

Gameplay -

Though Ascendence can have long scenes, it was quickly balanced off by exploring, walking and talking. There weren’t any battles in the beginning of the game, though the little things we could do kept me entertained until the fighting began in the second chapter. I don’t have much to comment thusfar other than what you have going seems good due to the shorter length of the demo.

Interface -

This is by far one of the most important parts of a game to me. No matter how good everything else this, to me, this is the one factor that can break something.
This is where the game fails a little bit. Though the speed of walking is fast and the menu is really smooth. The reason why I gave this three stars is because … THE\.TEXT\.IS\.WAY\.TOO\.SLOW\..\..\..
Really now, I don’t see what is the appeal of making the text so excruciatingly slow. It doesn’t add any drama, it doesn’t do anything other than waste my time. As much as I love this game, this frustrated me so badly, I wanted to quite if it weren’t for the fact that I played it in the editor and used the speed button.

This game is pretty yummy. I think you must give it a try.


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I love the layout of this review.
Four and a half yummy drumsticks out of five (because I ate the other half of one).
Devil's in the details
Thanks for the review YDS. =) I'm glad you didn't find much wrong apart the slow text speed, as it has been fixed now, too.
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