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Born Under the Rain's Soundtrack

For anyone interested, I finally got around to uploading the soundtrack. Everything should be free to download and you should be able to stream as much as you want:

You can get the soundtrack to Born Under the Rain here.

Also, if you like my music, I've uploaded the soundtrack to The Heart Pumps Clay as well. You can get it here.



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Oh, you have a Bandcamp? Didn't know that.

Do you plan to upload the soundtrack for A Very Long Rope too?
I basically set up a bandcamp just for this and The Heart Pumps Clay's soundtrack since I got a couple of requests for mp3s, and they're saved as .oggs in the game itself. A Very Long Rope just has a midi soundtrack, so I don't plan on uploading it; you can just pull the files directly from the music folder. That said, they'll sound a bit drier outside of the game since VX automatically puts a bit of reverb on midis (which generally makes them sound a lot better to my ear).
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