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This game was awesome and I feel I should review it.

Locke and I were talking about stuff and ofcourse I asked to try out his games because he makes them and also I was interested to see his boss designs.

I learned later on that this was a Collab project between him, Indra and Housekeeping, all of their contributions are pretty evident.

While it's strong I wouldn't say it's the strongest part of it, but it did keep me in and had some interesting mechanics, what was most fun was treasure hunting and character building, I eventually worked out a bullshit combo that could easily take down anything but....
Fucking snaaaaakes.

A group of five snakes which was a mandated encounter was actually the toughest encounter in the game, dwarfing even the final boss by leagues.

I never got a game over but was close a couple of times. Once i got kinda close on the first (the crybaby mummy), but that was it, and purely because I hadn't gotten my whole combo set up yet.

My combo by late game was what made everything really easy. I had Masud use Marked for Death on the primary target, then have Rashida use Backstab, for weaker enemies, like scarabs, swarm locusts and other less tanky mobs this was an instant kill, if it wasn't, I'd have Masika use one of her two stuns granted by relics, then have Odion use Nightmare from Nightmare Pendant and things would drop like flies.

I felt smart for figuring out the final riddle of the Pharoah, going back and finding all the secrets, I fully completed the game I'm pretty sure. Collected all relics, got the good ending, it was great. left me with a feeling of accomplishment.

The final boss fight wasn't particularly challenging, though that may be because she was getting stunlocked almost entirely, and her globes didn't do much that worried me. I had a stun on every character but Odion by that time and Masika had two, one of which worked on all enemies.

Only two of the stuns worked in battle more than once but they were on generous cooldowns and I never got close to being desperate, there was one time where several of us were low on Health so I just used a Splash potion and had plenty leftover despite their 'rare' attribute because that was legitimately the first time using one was convenient.

Story and characters:
I think this is where the game gets an all time high, You start out as the mute protagonist Masud who I'm gonna call marmalade from now on, who is very soon accosted by the Cynical overly self-proud flaming spirit called Odion, but who i am going to call Skull dude from this point on, Skull dude is obsessed with his own return to greatness, and has a very selfish way about him, but he does seem to legitimately care underneath, somewhat. Anyhow marmalade and Skulldude loot a jade scarab and are then set upon by Masika (who I'm going to call Eureka from now on and Shadika (who I'm going to refer to as Shazbabe from now on), Eureka and Shazbabe are seen by Skull Dude who decides to take destructive awakening to them, but his body inherited by the spirit of Marmalade decides now is a good time to play hide and seek from the scary shazbabe. Through some hilarious following dialogue wherein which my current donor title is pulled from (Thanks Housekeeping!) the four of them realize they seek the same item and with reluctance and some adorable mercy from Eureka they go together to find the Tear of Jellybean. (Jellybean isn't her name but I'm calling her that necause i forget and also it's more fun that way.)

The amount of wacky antics that ensue cannot be possibly given away, I don't intend to spoil anymore because you legitimately need to experience it for yourself.

Mapping and Graphics:
I usually don't pair these but seeing as Indra did both or then some it doesn't really matter since the two go hand in hand, the maps in the pyramid were very easy to get lost in at first, which is good because it felt right. And progression unlocks later as you get items for such. This means backtracking but because random encounters don't happen and wandering encounters are there only once you'd be hard done by to have much problem with it.

The mapping and characters and faces and all tied together with sound and music is immaculate and consistent so it's fair enough to see why this game might have 900 downloads now (You're welcome for that stretch goal by the way).

It only doesn't beat writing because I was genuinely laughing so much throughout the game and felt dread when any character was in danger that that won the prize beyond all else. Housekeeping if you ever want money to help me write I'd hire you in a pinch because my writing does not near come close to yours. Shine on you crazy diamond! (I say this non-sarcastically)

In Overview: The Game is a good 3-4 hour length but can be far longer if you're a completionist like me but if you're a completionist then you definitely need to try out this game, I'll be honest I'm not a completionist except in rare instances, and this game was that good to make me go out of my way to do everything.

I don't give out scores because I don't believe a complex human opinion can possibly be replicated by numbers, but what i can give is my whole-hearted recommendation.

If you haven't played this game already let me inform you that it is gold on a silver platter from start to finish and I will find ways to hurt you if you honestly think abjuring it is at all a healthy thing to do. Yeah I know it's no fun if I love a game but fuck you it's great and if you don't think so you must be stupid.

It could only be better if it had a sideview battle system but that's a cosmetic upgrade at best.


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Thanks so much for the review! I'm super flattered that the writing stood out for you. I don't know if this is my best script, but I think that it's probably my tightest, and that's how I think about this game in general; I was just really proud of how polished it turned out (thanks largely in part to my teammates). I'll make sure to reference your naming scheme for future updates.
I'll never change. "Me" is better than your opinion, dummy!
Ahahaha, well I only named them that because I have trouble remembering Egyptian names, that was just an easy way to remember them.
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