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Progress Report

Love is patient.

Oh lord, where to begin? Okay, so first off we have finally achieved lift-off! The game is now on the site. Granted, it's not 100% complete - there's some bits and bobs that I cut out for the sake of getting that shit on here within a decent amount of time, such as other date locations and events, but otherwise it's a good example of what the finished product will be like.

So, what things do I have planned in the future for this game?

Firstly, different date areas, chosen at random. Some of them will be pretty generic - a festival, a beach, a pretty meadow picnic. Others, not so much (hello hot air balloon ride).

There will also be some actual dialogue on the dates, based on your score. Nothing too crazy. And yeah, there'll be scenes based on the match score - if your match score gets too low, bad things might happen, like, oh, sudden boss attack or a dragon swooping in and stealing your date. You know, the usual stuff that happens on bad dates.

Lastly, if you missed your chance to join in the fun last year, there will be a character DLC added at a later date. Check out the DLC tab for details on how to join in the fun!

There's probably some more bugs to find, so if you do run into something hinky, let me know and I'll try to figure out what went wrong. Enjoy!

Progress Report

Where's my date? H-Have I been stood up?!

As some of you know, (I did post in the thread but it might be hard to find due to, uh, gyrating avatars) there's been a little setback with the game. Namely that there's so damn many answers and I over-estimated my ability to deal with 50 people omgwhysomany;.;!

That said, I am making headway. I found a great script (well, Nessy found it for me~<3 Just as she made this awesome page~<3 all hail the Nessy!) that allowed the input of information from a text document. Great right? Yeah!


Turns out there is one issue with the script in question - that being that you cannot force line breaks so everything is a run-on sentence that wraps around. This, coupled with the fact that the script creator has an update planned that fixes it (but in the future, as in, not that soon) means I'm probably going to have to do ones that have layout issues manually.

Add to that issue that I don't have as much time this week as I did last week...

I'll do my best to get this done within the week. ;.;

I'm really sorry you're all stuck waiting for love! Soon you'll be able to date your fellow forum-peeps! Promise!
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