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Back in Action - Switch to MV

Sorry for being quiet. A personal issue with my family's health and a miscommunication between doctors kept me away and unable to maintain this project for a bit.

I came back to work to see that MV will be coming out shortly. I've already gotten a copy, and will be taking the project over due to the ease of controls and possibilities of lightening the work load since Mundy is VERY familiar with javascript and html. Sadly with Ruby we'd both struggle at times and needed outside help more often than not. This won't make things easier, but it will make them faster.

All resources are still valid. Nothing is being redone from scratch. No time is lost.

The native mouse system is something I've really needed due to Shaz's script requiring so much work and tweaking with Venka's and Nio's help. This
is a dream come true for this project and initially why I wanted to start it ahead of time to see if I could manage with ACE. Now I can get
this looking and functioning better and still retain the different look from most of the games you will be seeing with MV.

Anyone who contributed during the ACE development will still be credited for their work. I have no reservations in giving people credit where credit is due.
I hope this means we can see them again on the MV side of things.

As of two weeks ago all resources needed to complete the first court scene are done, and the puzzles are being constructed now. A few adjustments will get them to the new resolution standards. Everyone did everything in HQ big versions which will scale to any size. What a life saver =3