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by FlipelyFlip


According to legends, a human’s fate is bound to the verdict of the gods. However, what if there was a mortal who was born with an unknown genetic defect allowing them to get out of this cycle?. When life and death do not have a toll to pay for, does the soul become freed from it’s fate, and from it’s suffers?. It then asks the question.
Just what is the price for this manipulation? A feeling of sorrow?, Joy?, Or perhaps a great deal of regret?


A child is forced to struggle through his life with an unknown genetic defect which granted him the ability to jump through worlds and experience them as if they were a reality. Initially, he was reluctant to use this ability as it was quite meaningless. However, on a more repeated and constant use,
he began to notice something.
Returning back to his own world got more and more difficult, eventually it reached the point that he was finally trapped inside the Dreamworld.

Furious at the fact that he might be trapped there forever, he begins to search for an exit together with his friends Reks and Alice.
However, there was just one person who could help him return back to his own world, strangely enough, the latter was not easy to find.

Years passed by, days turning into weeks, months turning into years and the child began to get accustomed to the Dreamworld and his new title, “The Worldbuilder”.
However, a day was coming,
A day in which everything would change.

You will experience a story full of grief, anguish, fun, joy and friendship. Enjoy the marvellous story and look forward to exploring the world created by the “Worldbuilder”.


Name: Marcus ("Worldbuilder")
Age: 17
Born with a genetic defect, he had the ability to physically live in two different worlds.
The real world as we know it and another world that goes beyond human understanding.
A world which is only accessible through ones imagination.
Tortured by this ability, more often then not, he visited this parallel world, until the day he couldn’t return.
However despite being surrounded by utter sadness, he still finds the effort to laugh at times.
If he’s in a good mood he may even crack a joke.
His weapons are daggers. He uses knifes primarely as they give him the most mobility.
Actually he doesn’t like to fight or kill other living creatures at all, which is why his friends usually pick on him. .

Name: Reks
Age: ???
He has quite a laid back attitude.
Rek’s is the sort of character to continuously make jokes about everything and has a habit of doing so at the worst times possible.
If the group gets into trouble he's most likely the cause, but despite this a reputation of the group is built in the town.
Reks is one of the few imaginations that can travel to the real world.
Sadly he can't take anyone with him.
Most people in the dreamworld are replications of people from the real world who are alive or more often died a few years ago.
In consequence it would be highly suspicious to show up with a dead person.

Name: Alice
Age: ???
As the lifelong best-friend of Reks and the true companion of“The Worldbuilder”. She’s always ready for every stupid adventure the two get her in, even if it’s simply to be a good friend. She is haunted by her own fears and selfdoubt, which lead her to give up quickly. Her greatest strength is the five-finger discount. Something that saved her life more than once during their journeys.
In contrast to her childish behaviour her friends see in her a strict mother who just wants the best for her children.

Name: Paku
Alignment: Unkown
Paku is a wolf who learned to stand on it’s two feet as well as the human language.
Nobody knows what his motives are or where he came from.
Paku is quite shy but should not be underestimated as he is able to defeat maybe even kill most targets in mere seconds.
A fact that makes him unpredictable and very dangerous.
Some people say that he has even more hidden power, an additional reason why so many eyes lie on him.


Particle System
This system is used to display things like the mindbuzzers and other imaginal beings. It is mostly used for eye candy.

Advanced Shop System
It is similar to the Shopoholic system, but in my opinion it is clearly better. As usual you can buy and sell items from merchants but when you sell your items they can be rebought from the merchant you sold it to. The stores can show you how filled they are at the moment. You also can not buy as many items as you want. Stores have a defined stock of the items. You can only sell items as long as he is capable of keeping them in stock. But when you buy items, the supplies will decline . (:

Hospital System
Probably the first time fully used in an RPG Maker Game, the hospital system. You can heal your HP and also some of your status conditions for a specific amount of money. You are also able to revive KOed party members. As you visit the hospital more often and heal party members, you will receive defined items from time to time . (:

As you can see, there is a lot to be excited for. (:

Screenshots & Video

The tree of power, one of the biggest trees that ever existed. No dead humans or animals were found near the tree except if they wanted to hurt it. He is protected by the three guardians of the forest. And if they aren’t enough to protect it then the tree is still able to defend himself. With only one attack from the tree the attacker gets crushed like a leaf.

The forest of the Ranger in which strange things are said to happen. The humans usually give this forest a wide berth. Noone really wants to know what’s inside that forest because the Ranger was a weird man . There are even rumors that creatures reside in the forest which would kill humans without hesitation if those were to enter the forest. Though no one knows if these rumours are true or not.

The wolf and the hunter. A story which has been told a lot but will never end as long as the king is rising from his grave time and time again .

A car accident which changed the life for at least 2 people.

The house of the ranger, where strange things used to happen.

Worldbuilder’s Fate; First impression (German)

Things to know

The World
The world is similar to ours but it can be formed and altered by the Worldbuilder. He does that with his mind by thinking of something but by now it happens rather unconsciously.
You’ll see this happening on one or two occasions in the game.

The Mindbuzzers
The Mindbuzzers are small,blue glowing creatures which reflect the remains of the thoughts of the Weltenspringer. No one can figure out which thoughts those were though.
Oftentimes objects or living creautures emerge from those Mindbuzzers.

The creatures of this world were imported by the Weltenspringer from his own world by imagining them. But he also created mixtures of some animals which originated from his fantasy. He was also able to create quite a lot of beings that don’t exist in his world like the will-o’-whisp which are shrewd murderers in this dreamworld.

Style of living
Everything was peaceful as long as he had control over his world but now some animals attack other beings and sometimes even humans. The people in this world enjoy their simple way of living which also reflects the mindset of the Weltenspringer.
But since he lost the control over this world because he isn’t able to leave, alcoholism, unemployment and similar problems emerged. Even wars are fought now.

Hanzo Kimura

Logan Forests
Bizarre Monkey
Hanzo Kimura

Kain Vinosec
Royalty Free Music
Yusaku Kishigami (http://www.presence-of-music.com/)
Jungle Vibes - Matt Porter
Shifting Sand - Matt Porter
Unnatural Selection - Matt Porter
Evil to Heroes - Guylee
Beautiful Music - Oney
In a Dead World - Lublub194
Lullaby - i2abbitz
Death by Solution - corbetweller
Lost Pictures - Nordic Hazard
The Composer - Jazza

Translation (German - English)

Betareading (English)

-coming soon-

Closing words

I would highly appreciate comments about possible changes or advices on how to improve the game.


Latest Blog



since I found a lot of bugs during the last betatest, I'll put the translation and the Demo for a while on hold, even after it took longer than I thought. I hope you all will still stick with me and this game and I will update here more frequently than I used to in the past.

Flipely (:
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Pages: 1
So far looks pretty interesting. Although I'd change Alice's faceset because I've seen it like a thousand times in many rpg maker games. It's hard to actually care/feel something with a character whose face has been used countless times in different games and stories. I don't mind the other two because I didn't see those facesets in other rpg maker games(as far as my memory goes) but Alice's is very popular.
So far looks pretty interesting. Although I'd change Alice's faceset because I've seen it like a thousand times in many rpg maker games. It's hard to actually care/feel something with a character whose face has been used countless times in different games and stories. I don't mind the other two because I didn't see those facesets in other rpg maker games(as far as my memory goes) but Alice's is very popular.

thank you, and yes I know her sprite and faceset is very popular, but she is the only sprite I could think of fitting her role. If it become a big issue for a lot of people I'll change her but at the moment it's nothing big right now (:
It's your choice wether to change it or not but in case you want to think about it. This page has most, if not all, of Kaduki's female facesets:

thank you for the link, but I already knew it^^"
Got most of my characters I use from there (:
but thanks anyway (:
This looks like Valkyrie Stories No.2...
I used the released tiles from Valkyrie Stories, so yeah, my game is from the style similar (:
Nice to see that you decided to introduce your game here as well! I love your mapping by the way. I forgot to mention that last time ^^

There's one thing that bothers me though: You misspelled my name ;_;
haha thx :D
yeah it was clear for me from the beginning to introduce it here too (:

yes I see, already corrected it (:
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
interesting plot set up. i like it! its rare to find something interesting outside of the cliche save the world thing.
it has the potential. but will it live up to it?
*Deeply Thinking*
I actually don't mind the Kaduki face sets, as long as they have a personality to match with them, then I think they should be fine. \(^▽^)/
The graphics look amazing~! They remind me a bit of Lunar Fate's graphics, which are equally as beautiful!
Subscribed~! Looking forward to your game. ☆ヾ(*´▽`)ノ
@shayoko: I'm giving my best to make it as good as possible (:
So yeah I hope so it will live up to it :D

@Nedras: thank you for the compliments and the subscribe (:
I haven't checked Lunar Fate but I definitely will :D
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
so we'll get an English release too?
@BurningTyger: yes, it'll be out soon (:
Translation has started today so I think it wouldn't take long to release it soon (:
because I had some big bugs hanging around at the project, which I have to fix, but due to some issues with the graphics I use, everything got delayed so I put it on hiatus.
I might get back to work, when I find suitable graphics for everything (which might have happened already)
Stay tuned for more :3
I would love to play this! At least the demo :')
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