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Current OneHours:
- Tales of Great Gazoo: The Great Gazoo's cousin, CHARLIE, describes at length about the Gazoo's problems. Has a guest appearance by ADAM WEST. CAUTION: There is A LOT of cursing.
- You are...: Based on the song "You Are My Love" from Tsubasa Chronicle, it's about a young dying girl outside in the snow, waiting for her true love.

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you should put more detail on what kind of game it is.
rpg? puzzle? tactical? minigames.... people wont download something they dont know what it is.
Sounds like a non-interactive movie.
Your mom is a hero
Well, the idea of the 1hours is to make a game from scratch in 1 hour (surprise). These games are notoriously bad, but also a lot of fun, both to make and to play.
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