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Demons have long since been a part of popular culture, but one day invaded the world us humans call home en masse. In response, a utopia of sorts was built and fenced in to protect the last remaining humans who couldn't protect themselves.

Four generations later, the land of this fortress city was split into five parts, simply named after their direction from the Central Tower, a large landmass that holds in it the headquarters of the Tower Emergence Force, or TEF for short. The soldiers and young students of TEF are tasked with keeping the people safe, and the demons out.

A second, more obscure goal of TEF is to defeat the 72 Goetia Spirits said to have brought the legions of demons with them. On the surface, defeating these lesser devils could possibly mean the flow of demons will be stopped, but TEF's main goal is much different. The demons described in the Lesser Key of Solomon hold the means to bring back a long forgotten tower back into existence, and with it, a means to completely bypass the restrictions of life and death.

- Styles (classes) with multiple party roles.
- Four elements that change the type of skills a Style will yield; with their own weaknesses and resistances.
- Choose the name, gender, style, element, and dialogue of the main character.
- Balanced battle system with enemies designed to chip away at the party.
- Mold the main character's stats to your liking every time you level up. What each stat does will always be a click away in the same scene.
- A game that can be completely played through by using the mouse.
- Different paths and endings depending on the choices you make.
- Side stories and content that'll never become permanently missable.
- No content is ripped, and it is legal to use.

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A demo of the first two chapters of the game has been released! I've created this page pretty recently, but I've been working on this game on and off since September.

I really hope you'll enjoy what I've made, and definitely don't hesitate to give me any type of feedback.

There is one known bug where pathfinding goes haywire causing all clicks to send the player to the top left of the screen (0,0). This only happened to me once and I haven't been able to replicate it, while my two test players didn't mention it at all. If it happens to you, open the menu screen, save the game, then exit the game client. Once you start the game up again, it'll be fixed.
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  • Hachimata
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Adventure RPG
  • 02/20/2015 06:21 PM
  • 04/22/2021 06:58 PM
  • 09/25/2015
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This looks really cool, I'd love to try it out
I'm happy you're interested in trying the game. The demo's looking to be released by the 25th, which gives me ample time to finish up the final events for one of the pathways in the second chapter.

Basically by then your character chooses who he or she will team up with, so in a way it's like making two different chapters in one.

Edit: I say two different because the dungeon and main quest changes too depending on who you go with.
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hora hora! this looks interesting :3 ill try it at some point. and give feed back then :3
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
One of you points is complete mouse control, is that exclusive, in other words can the game be still controlled by the keyboard?
Two scenes can't be played without the mouse, being the level up scene and character creation. I might add in keyboard functionality for the two of those if everyone's against using the mouse, but this game was made with the mouse in mind.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Good to know, thanks.
This is pretty fun, just what I was looking for in terms of (RPG) RM games. It really reminds me of the first 2 Shin Megami Tensei games with none of the confusion and a lot more personality. Pretty interesting dungeon crawl presentation as well, definitely unique. I think I'll give you a bit more time with this before I make a review, keep up the good work.
I appreciate the comment hiromu. The next chapter will be done by the middle of March. From then on, I plan on releasing one chapter every two weeks until I hit the epilogue.
I really like the game so far, but there's a problem with the female MC. I can't level when playing as her. I restarted the game and it didn't work again, but when I created a male MC with the same stats (Fire/Force), the level up screen showed up just fine. Could you look into this?
(sorry for the doublepost, the page wouldn't load)
Thanks for bringing that to my attention; the download is updated to fix this. I went ahead and fought enough enemies as Aria to level up a couple of times, and it works fine now.

So to those who wanted to play as a female main character instead of a male one, the updated download will allow you to do this (38 and higher downloads will have this fix)

Sorry for the slow response; went to sleep an hour before you posted.
Great, thanks! Downloading right now.
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does the main character(your character) not gain stats thru lvl ups like the others do?
no that was bad wording. i see it clearly that shes insanely weaker then both
Sorry shayoko, that was a bug that was recently addressed and fixed in the current download. Ell1e also brought it to my attention.

Basically I forgot to update the variables that checks whether or not her current level is different than the level she was before battle started, but it's fixed now, if you're willing to re-download.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
Finished the demo

Dev can skip these 3
Plot its ok-good

save the world(humanity cough) from the evil(and sometimes sexy cough) enemy that wants to wipe you out for no apparent reason which is completely fine! : D
shame we cant join then because i would!
so you have a fortress which acts as a living space for students which train in magic to help protect themselves and others for harm.

characters good-great!

My memory is not great you see so names and such aint happening! :D
my favorite character by far i believe is...senia she is the girl who
is really sick and abandoned by parents and taken in by TEK to learn magic!

but various types and personality's surprisingly positive. like only people outside of the fort are doucebags o.o
always expect that one or so characters that are entitled and better then every one XD not present yet!

Gameplay good-great! playtime 2h+

turn based battles,a grid style movement system,bounties and optional battles,a training simulator(sadly not what i was expecting but its cool)and umm eto!
gear! sweet sexy gear that leave you pounding them bastards not the ground with no remorse for money,xp and gear that they magically have!
oh and the choices :O also with a visual novel style mixed in!
i almost forgot the amazing super sexy player customization at the games start! where you can choose your gender,element and style!

this games really good once you get into it, it can be pretty entertaining.
you cant by w/o battles tho and you will need to grind a bit non story battles or not theres some tough ones.
suggest playing it!


the idea that your kind of...fighting to protect the human race yet are students.thus have curfews amount other possible ridiculous things not mentioned
that the stats screen appears after a lvl up rather then being assessable from the menu further would be awesome if you could reduce and switch stats on that screen at any time out of battle

cant save during dialog especially the choice to go to which area


the part of the game where you choose which location to go to. does the one you don't choose become obsolete?
or would you go there later?
does having healing style effect the dialog with the sick girl?

I was actually planning on making a stat reset function later on from the headquarters, so players can change things up. I'm glad you enjoyed most of the game though, and as for your questions:

- The location you don't go to will be there for later in the story, and by then the enemies/quests/optional bosses will be different than if you had chosen it first.

- Yes, having Life will change her dialogue if you choose "I want to help too." Her side story in general will change later down the line depending on if you chose the Life style or not. There will be other moments not related to her that will also change depending on what style your character is.
I come bearing more bugs!

These aren't as vital as the Aria levelling bug, but anyway:

During the simulation arena (Museum path, playing as Aria with Karin as a guest), I lost the final battle. Instead of getting kicked out of the simulation, I got healed and another battle started. It might have been the first set of enemies, but I'm not completely sure. The background was black, but after winning the battle I got sent to the simulation room and everything was normal again. I ended up restarting anway to save items.

The rightmost exit tile in the museum doesn't work, the others work just fine.

On the Park path (playing as Aria with Tyler as a guest) the mouse path control gets messed up as soon as I enter a dungeon. I'll click somewhere and the party either won't move at all or move a few steps in a random direction. Arrow key movement works as intended. This problem occurs both in the northern tunnels and the park.

Possibly related, I somehow got stuck on the park's exit tile after accidently stepping on it and wouldn't move off if I chose to stay at the park.

And finally a small nitpick: Karin referring to herself as "a female" is kind of weird. I'd expect it from Agnessa, but she's a robot.
Ahh I totally forgot to add go to labels to the other fights so it wouldn't loop, but that's fixed now. Thanks for letting me know.

The dungeon exits are also fixed. For Karin, did you mean once she was first introduced? I changed it either way, since I agree with you there.

All these fixes have just been uploaded with an updated demo.

I haven't been able to replicate the pathfinding issue, so it makes it harder for me to pinpoint it, but if it never happens in the museum I have an idea on how to fix it.

Thanks again Ell1e!
The pathfinding issue disappeared after I saved and restarted the game, so it might be related to that other pathfinding problem you mentioned in the blog. Anyway, it's apparently no big deal.

I think Karin said something about females during one of her other talks as well, but can't really remember when.

Glad I could help! I really like the game, the characters are interesting. Tyler's my favorite so far, because the MC can just play along with his silly commentary. Also, "It was totally the elf lady you were explicitly told not to engage." is my favorite line.
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