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Sten and his reluctant brother Nolan jump in the Foddercannon, which old man Golando Len pointed to them as the only way to reach the Skyland, the next leg of the journey to Eden Glosbe.
They jump in and fire up the cannon, which shoots them all the way up to Nimbus Island, miles high in the sky.
They’re greeted by Ren, a friendly character resembling a fluffy bunny, which claims to be a divinity living on the Island.
Ren fills the brothers in on the purpose of Nimbus Island: it houses the shrine of Zero Pointo, an artifact that has to be split in order to renew the world and regenerate everything as it is destroyed: good and evil, matter and void, light and darkness, order and chaos.
If it were to stay whole for too long, there would be no creation to balance out the destruction, and everything would soon cease to exist.
Luckily for the two brothers, they are able to use the Time Tether to set things right once again, and bring the two halves of Zero Pointo apart.
Javh, the God of Evil responsible for merging the two halves of Zero Pointo, hinders our heroes in their quest to separate the two halves.
The tough battles against Javh’s minions (Which Ren informs him are called Omega) and Javh himself start undermining Nolan’s resolve, making him realize the only reason he’s put up with it so far is that he’s never objected to his brother making him tag along.
He comes to the conclusion that finding Eden Glosbe is only Sten’s quest, not his, and thus leaves him on his own, mocking his dreams and asking Ren to bring him back home.
Ren sends Nolan back to ground level, while Sten presses on to the search of Eden Glosbe…

Meet Callia, a mysterious girl Nolan bumps into while trying to get his bearings.
Callia tells him of a group of explorers heading to Antlartis Forest, the place where Eden Glosbe is supposedly hidden.
Antlartis is a dark, shady forest that even the most daring are wary to approach. And in its darkness, it hides the greatest secret of all...

- Episode 3: CLICK
- Episode 2: CLICK
- Episode 1: CLICK
- Languages:

- Lenght: about 30 min

- Meet Callia and use her Wall-running ability to cross chasms and rush enemies!
- Changes to the battle system:
Find the Amitysts: they’ll let your heroes team up for a combined attack that will put a dent in even the toughest enemies!
Find Amitysts by searching around, or winning a battle without any missing energy!
- You can now see battles ahead of time: attack an enemy before it has time to get ready and you’ll gain the upper hand in battle!
- Control two groups at once: Sten and Ren traversing the Forest, and Nolan and Callia rushing to warn him!

You can monitor the game on my website: Ste's Project and on the Official Blog, always updated and with the planned release date of the next episode, as well as my contact info.

My thanks will go to anyone who will Like Ste's Project's Facebook Page

Eden Glosbe - Video Gameplay (of Episode 2. Thanks to CarelessRex!)

-Ares Vaiarelli


-Silent Partner

-modern algebra (messagges)
-Yanfly (diagonal scroll)
-Rafael (fog)
-DaimoniousTails (proximity event)
-Bigace360 (full screen option)
-Moghunter (title)
-Holy87 (universal module)

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Tag Team Adventure RPG. Has more substance than Ep 2 which was the weakest in my opinion. Alot more things happen here in Episode 3. Gameplay is similar to the other eps, nothing too new or anything. This series wasnt exceptional, but it's nice to see a unique tag-team mechanic that you don't see at all in any other RPGmaker game. Though I think corpse party has something akin to this if you want to get really specific.

EP4 is available, but it's in italian only and right after the first cutscene I am asked to input some kind of password. So it's impossible to progress.
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