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A major update!

  • Trass
  • 06/05/2015 08:24 PM
So it's been quite a while since I put up the game here. It's time for some actual updates!

I haven't been able to work on the game itself, but resources development are still going along nicely. Resources as in graphics and audio, that is. Well, in this blog post I will try to keep you all up to date with the things I've been up to and where the game stands now. Hopefully I won't keep you all bored reading this /shot

I recently contacted a friend of mine who has years of experience in programming, so we are going to stop developing Migdal in RPG Maker Ace and will move on to Unity instead. This will open up a whole new possibilities for us.

The town navigation will now be handled in VN style, like Etrian Oddyssey for example. Dungeon navigation will stay more or less the same. We decided on this because I thought my mappings are definitely not good enough and it doesn't do justice to the concept of the setting I have in my visions (just compare the in-game screenshot and the concept art I posted for this game...). Plus it will be more doable within our capabilities as well, so I hope it won't turn anyone off.

Battle System
We are revamping the battle system to make a unique experience for the game. Back then I was using yanfly's free turn battle, but now that we're using unity we're taking it up a step further. While using yanfly's as a base, we are thinking of making something like this.

If you read it, you can see that the whole battle system will revolve around "Finish the battle in one turn or you're probably screwed" mindset. Do you find this system interesting? Will you get bored of it overtime? Please tell me what you think of it. A lot of constructive feedback would be deeply appreciated!

Animus Designs
We have progressed quite a lot with the monster (Animus) designs. Aria did all the sketches and design, and I do the lining and coloring to finish them. In the game, Animus are not allowed to Materialize in order to protect the town safety, that's why the city of Anilopolis has a system installed that renders all Animus feeble and weak, mutating them into a small blob-spirit like entity. This is how Animus look like in town all the time. It is possible to release them into normal forms if the owner gives the permission to, for example to do some labor works.

The Animus' actual forms are nowhere near that cute though (Usually that is, since there are quite a few cute ones among them if I say so myself! xD). In the game you will encounter 3 starter Animus. Feroc, Wagumo, and Iriaris. These will be the Animus the players will start with. Some of you may say they look too powerful for a bunch of starters, but that's the approach we want to give in the designs. All monsters stand on the same level and can be just as powerful as the others. So if you'd like you can even use a starter animus to beat the last boss (after a lot of transmogrification of course).

As you can see, I've been maintaining the TWEWY-styled look!

I mentioned about it before, the OST the game uses will be fully vocalized using the Vocaloid Aoki Lapis. You can listen to the battle theme here to see how it actually sounds like. The rest of the OST will have the same style and vibe in this direction.

Survival Hierarchy (Battle Theme)


And I think that is all I can show you all today. Last but not least, let me put our game's Mascot here to close up this post. This is my favorite out of our designs so far! ;w;