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In a world where strife and war rages on between two nations; a continuous battle between heroes and villains takes place. This is an adventure where the bad guys are the protagonists, in a change of pace and point of view. Take and develop the story of Slave 1903, a man thrown into battle since he posses a special attribute that can rival the heroes. Your choices will determine how he will develop as he raises ranks into villain-hood.

Features on first time in my projects:
Dynamic storyline prototype: Story difference depending on choices.
Choose to be anti-hero, neutral or Evil.
First time; Suikoden styled duel system prototype.
Hidden switches and other things.
All materials used to this game are borrowed for entertaining purposed and not claimed as own (except for original characters).
Warning note:
English is not my first language so I managed to make things as best as I could.

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We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
finally another game where you play as the bad guy (well alot of time i can see the "good" side as evil for many reasons)
but yay!
we need more games where a monster/demon girl is the lead
or playing the other side of the fence! :D

the base plot is intriguing! we just need the execution!
I highly recommend that you get on the forums and you ask someone to retranslate it for you.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
ive seen much worse but indeed theres more mistakes then i feel like correcting (and i need a break!)
even the title was wrong in the ending credits X
also request a item in the store you can buy that negates random battles

when the heros arrive do all the choices say the same thing?

while im at it another flaw is choices directly after battles without being able to save b4 hand
the choice and plot are cool the random battles is the only weakness here
this was a decent game. i hope this gets finished
well it looks like its going to be a good game i hope you get to turn on the empire
not to be a good guy but so your not just some guy taking orders the whole game
oh and take completed off its misleading
this prototype is completed. sadly i am just one person and to bring out what i want its going to be hard for one. Also i was planning on making it longer pass the second fight with the heroes but i reached the upload limit allowed so had to leave it there.

don't know how to make a decent complete game that is less than 300mb.

PS; most of the choices has same end dialog, what changes is the affinity to light or dark and affection to certain characters which leaves to certain consequences.
This story was the origin of slave 1903, i was planning on expanding from him.
If you can't upload more than 300 mb, you should try two things.
1:Remove the stuff that RTP installs(it saves a lot of space, but requires that the player has it installed).
2:Use something like dropbox and put the link in the topic.

Also, remove the completed status, and put something like chapters instead. Or don't put anything and leave it as a demo.Because "completed" are only for full games

I have to ask if you playtested this game properly. The battles at first are too easy(the guards can't even damage you!), but enemies like "Rates" can kill you by infinitely stunning you, then you get to a certain battle against five enemies...(couldn't get past it, since I had no opportunity to grind)
And thanks for the 100 TP skill that does crappy damage(20-35).

I sort of like your writing, and believe that you can get far with this.And the "duel" was cool too.(Even though it was a bit too easy to read the enemy movements, but it's fair since it's an introduction to them).

Like Morte said, you should ask someone to translate the game for you.

Sorry for the wall of text.
Did test it many times.
Summon special, tried to fix that but always gave me problems.
The republic guards from beginning they r supposed to be weak.
I on purpose made the game get harder if you go into the dark path and easier if you stay neutral. If you kill everyone and stay alone... that is a consequence you have to follow.

Everything I am doing, am doing in event menus since I know zip of scripting, and I am one person so I at least try to aim for decent rather than perfect. I am autistic so there is so much i can take alone.
this mostly shows on the duel system. I am mimicking suikoden, but to do it a 100% similar, i need to know scripting for the attack variations and comments and the life bars.
So I did it with pictures and event menus since is my limit.
I had big plans for this, but given that I am just one person and my knowledge is limited there is not much i can do.
I see you tested it. But that encounters that aren't any threat at all are sort of useless, unless for grinding reasons.(matter of balancing gameplay)
The problem with the battle against the five guys is that I chose only "neutral"(in my understanding, is not killing anyone and being "good", like I had the "slave" with me in the battle) but I was only lvl 5(as the enemies don't give lots of xp and money).

I'm not trying to demotivate you. I see the potential in the game, you have good writing, and I don't think I would be able to do that duel system.(I'm actually trying my best to give some construtive criticism, but english is not my primary language, so things may off)

Most of the things I talked about are solved by messing with the database alone. My recomendation would be search the forums for things that would be useful to increase your knowledge and probably see if you could find someone to aid you with the project. If you have enough free time for it, of course.

Sorry for the second wall of text.
It was a pretty interesting story, I just wish it there was more.

So... To be continued?
I hope so.
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