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This is a really short game made by me, and I translated it to English. I'm pretty sure that the English used in the game is not perfect, but I did my best.

So the game is a shortie, its about 30-60 minutes long, and since it is so short, I don't want to tell much about the story. Our protagonist want to confess to the love of his life, but it doesn't goes so well. After that, he has to make the hardest decision of his life.

The game has 4 endings. It has a dark/mystery theme around it. If you like mystical/horror adventures with hard decisions, you might like this shortie.


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Patch V1.11

Ver 1.11:
-Fixed a typo.
-Fixed a bug, where the fog remained even though it shouldn't.
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  • Nydan
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  • 02/24/2015 04:08 PM
  • 10/13/2021 07:22 PM
  • 06/16/2014
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I hope you will enjoy the game, and I can't wait for the review. I LOVE critics, even if it's negative.
Game sounds awesome! I'll Review it as soon as I finish.
Haha glad you liked it ^^

If you actually sacrifice Ayu, then the cycle breaks, since there won't be anyone to continue with. This is not explained in the game, I probably make a patch, and that will explain this as well.

Also I don't think you should feel punished in this game. At least that wasn't my intention. I hope the true end was satisfying :).
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ok played and finished tho i could not find all the endings
at this point feeling violated XD
i mean its like a loss no matter what.its unfair for people to be punished when they have done nothing wrong. and i wonder what happens to the couple if saved?
i mean will they keep being judged until a person picks there lover or do they go free?

personally if i was in his situation id defiantly
save the one i love. im the kind of person that would sacrifice the entire human race for someone i love. as that individual its not only more important to me then people im not close to but they don't care about me either.
if it was between a lover and a friend that would be a really hard choice. if possible id pick a 3rd option of sacrificing myself instead of losing one of them

the scenario is why you would play this. in such a situation what would you choose to do? and what would the consequences of your choice be?

i recommend this to everyone

finished game and i feel all warm and fuzzy inside
If you find the true ending I'm sure it will, since it's not a bad ending. But this game wasn't meant to make you depressed, more like, to think about your morality. Nevertheless, I hope you will enjoy it :)
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
i shall try this,after the last considerably depressing game i played even if its a horror game it should still make me feel a little better

horror/romance rant non related
in terms of story telling im not sure which i consider worse genres
romance or horror.

romance the ending is 99% always obvious thus its a bad story.in anime you can expect a good amount of the type of events based off the 1st episode.
in horror the intelligence of the characters is dumbed down. becoming victims often due to lack of common sense and just plain thinking.
moreover the design of areas often don't make sense including mazes and puzzles which the only explanation is is its a horror game.
while i understand that its fiction i am not saying it needs to be realistic however that does not mean i don't feel it should make sense by its own rules at least.
corpse party is a great example of doing it right! outside 2 things in there story wise it was well done in planning.
player theory's
the same goes for stories that have player needs to assume things. ill never accept this in stories. its a poor decision. the more i need to assume the more it becomes my story in which i don't want. i want to see what other people think as they may have unique or different outputs
if i can just say that's how it is. then i mys well do that for everything X out everything i disliked and change it into my own game. in which case would always be a good+
i cant even understand at least many times in one plot why they would want to player to assume on there own.
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