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Patch V1.11

  • Nydan
  • 07/21/2015 04:48 PM
Ver 1.11:
-Fixed a typo.
-Fixed a bug, where the fog remained even though it shouldn't.


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Sorry. To be more exact these patch notes were in the descreption, and i "moved" them into blog posts, this is why i made 2 of them. Won't happen again.
Just so you know, it's against site rules to post more than one blog post within 24 hours of another. In fact, it's recommended that you hold off any news for one large post instead. Not only so that you aren't abusing the buzz feature or spamming the blog list (which shows up in the Community area of the forums as well as the front page) but also because the more interesting a blog post is, the more likely it will get picked for either Best of Blogs article or What's Written spotlight on the front page.

Also, I recommend keeping a patch list under the downloads (there's space there to add descriptions to your downloads). Anyway, good luck with the game and slow down the blog posts, okay? ^.^)b
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