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Intellia (working title)

A first game by Discoveria
made in RPG Maker XP

DEMO VERSION 3.4 - DOWNLOAD MIRROR: http://www.mediafire.com/?1fm22gqa9ia
Version 3.4 of the demo
The demo is not RTP independent. You can download the RGSS player needed at http://www.asrdc.co.nr/
File size 3.21 Mb.
The demo should take 30 minutes to complete, a bit more if you explore fully. It should end automatically once you have advanced all completable quests to relative completion.

The Story
In the Year of Peace 283, the Winter Palace in Frostforth, in the Kingdom of Intellia, is attacked in a bloody, but unsuccessful coup.

The Crown Prince Keric, heir to the throne, survives and is brought up knowing nothing about his true identity.

In the absence of the Crown Prince, the Council of Intellia governs the Kingdom, waiting for the day when Prince Keric will reclaim the throne.

Now, in Y.O.P. 300, those responsible for the coup are stirring again, and the trail leads to a young mage in the Intellia Academy of Magic. His fate will determine the fate of the Kingdom.

No villains in this list, as they have yet to take a concrete form in my mind. :)

A young mage at the Academy of Magic, and the game's main protagonist.

Rollo's friend and fellow mage at the Academy.

A young Healer whom Rollo encounters on his adventures.

The Deputy Captain of the Town Guard of Rilvane, and a staunch ally.

Crown Prince of Intellia.

Royal nurse to Prince Keric, and one of the few survivors of the coup of Y.O.P. 283.

* Tutorial system
* Quest Log
* Skill storage and retrieval
* Element Points learning system: Gain points in each of four Elements to allow learning new Skills
* Over 30 custom Skills (4 more-or-less implemented in the demo)
* Limited custom graphics (icons; changed colours in sprites; 1 custom Skill animation so far)
* Scrolls that can teach Skills to multiple characters (implemented but not useful in demo)
* Readable books, searchable chests, and other basic features
* Skippable, interactive introduction cutscene

Author Notes
Please give me feedback on things that don't seem right in the game, and whether this venture of mine is worthwhile! Any comments will be appreciated.

The full game will hopefully be around 4-10 hours of gameplay.

Originally released for Release Something! Day IV at http://www.rpgmaker.net/forums/index.php?topic=2016.0

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Version 3.4 is just Version 3.3 with a new implementation of NPC movement and some tree shadows fixed. No new content yet. The Quake skill is still missing its icon, but everything else should be working properly.
I am considering moving this project to RMVX while it is in an early state...let me know if you think that's a good or bad idea.
i really want to play this game but rgss player tells me that theres a problem
One day I may come back to this. For now, I have no spare time to work on this. Sorry guys.
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