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Christmas Goodies in July... Err... May.

1. Buy the strange rock from the shop that sells it.
2. Use the strange rock and enter the number 8. Now enter the number 9.
3. You now get a hidden message.

Radio: ...fizzle... ...static...

Radio: My name is Shift, and I've been watching you!

Why do you think you are justified in killing
these people?

Sure, many of them are jerks and bastards, but
that still doesn't give you a good reason to kill
them! The real bastard here is you! You damn
fictional entity!

If you try 9 without the radio, this message appears.

"I seem to need to find a radio for this

This game is not canon. Shift makes a cameo in this message and can be seen on the left side of the main screen, but cannot be reached.