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A hero who slayed an Evil Ruler. A boy who discovers a legend. And the blade of shadows that ties them together.
Almost a millenia has passed since the Shadow Wars were fought and won by a mysterious Hero who weilded a blade of shadows. He vanished without a trace after sustaining mortal wounds in the final battle.
Sirria, a swordsman in training, will discover the blade, and create his own legend. And perhaps discover the true motives of the Legendary Hero in the process.
Choose your path! Fight with the legendary sword, weilding the power of the corrupting shadow. Or keep to the light, and endevor to restore purity to the world.
Hear the story, and Step into the Twilight.

Since this is just my first real game on RPG Maker XP almost everything will be XP's basics. Standard battle system, default character pictures and tilesets. Some additions have been made, especially in charsets. All credit will be given when credit is due. (Namely, in the final credits. lol)

Now that demo v2.5 is out and about, lets get an indepth look at the games features...

Learn how to reap medicinal herbs from the wildlife! Botany books describing identification and harvesting are scattered around everywhere, so leave no book unread!

Ancient Portals
These are gates of darkness used and sealed by the Hero. Within lie the secrets to unlock dark power, if you can find them. They are well hidden, but perhaps clues to their whereabouts can be discovered by looking into the Hero's past...

Shadow Energy
The Hero relied heavily upon the power the shadows provided. As successor to the Hero, Sirria can too, by wielding the Shadow Blade. But the shadows can infect him in other ways as well, through the choices he makes, and relying upon the Hero. Be warned - The shadows provide great power, but only at the cost of your body and soul.

During his adventure, Sirria will come accross areas that are impassable due to lack of light. There are many ways to deal with this, such as hanging a lamp. Other ways will leave you at the mercy of the shadows.

Latest Blog

Demo v2.5 release (aka: The day v2.4 failed)

ok, there were a lot of things I put in 2.4 that were only for a beta-player's useage that I didn't nessisarily want the general public to have access to right now, so I had to post teh new version with those events deleted. There was also a new Extra Content thing I wanted to add, but it's near impossible to get it in the demo lol

There's a small bug in this demo anyway, but it pretains to that near impossible extra content I was talking about, and it's unlikely that anyone's gunna trip teh bug. You'll know if you do though. Message me if you think you've found it for a mention in the credits (or possible NPC namesake, the game is still young ;D)

Note: Offer only applies to the bug I have in mind. Offer void where prohibited. ;P
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  • 09/30/2008 09:44 AM
  • 01/29/2019 07:08 PM
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Your download doesn't work. It says that the file cannot be found.
I played the demo 2.5 and it was really fun! I like the storyline, etc. :)
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