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Progress Report

4 Years Later

The Kickstarter failed, backers were refunded, and Qui Domi has gone into a state of indefinite hiatus. However some interest has come back to it from my current audience in other fandoms. I'm releasing the current full copy of the game, including the alpha carnival world. There are unfinished assets, incomplete game mechanics, but, you are free to test it out.

Keep in mind there are a few hours of gameplay before that, as the carnival is the 4th world, there are three others to traverse. I hope you enjoy!



So I said I wasn't going to update the demo ever again, and just wait for the final release to show all the new cool things I've added.

Well, the final release continues to be delayed now as a college graduate with a full time job and other life shenanigans. So I've decided to finally update the demo.

It's got updated graphics (now being an art school alumn), vastly different dialogue, some parts have been completely replaced with different content, there are more secrets to find, more things to do, and access to the entirety of world 3 instead of just dying in the swamp.
Oh and you can finally go into Penelope's "room" to the right, as well as Shelby's "room" if you can find it.

The demo still only accounts for about 35% of the full game, so don't worry about there being very little to explore when the final game does eventually come out. I am refraining from making any definitive release dates, all I can do is continue to update.

(Okay that last one isn't in the demo but hey if you ever want to playtest all of the new content, just email me at caitlin.koi@gmail.com)


Playtesters needed for biome 3!

Biome 3 has been done for a while, but it definitely still has glitches yet to be discovered (I also want people's opinions on it and critiques).

If you want test out this unreleased content, please send me a message :}

"As long as I don't glitch onto land again, I don't care."

Progress Report

Quick update!

Biome 3 is finally complete (of course it'll need tweaking and playtesters, ask me if you wanna test it out), the fourth biome's story is plotted out, and the inclusion of backer designs is steadily being sorted out. A few will have important roles, others will have cameos, that's just the nature of the beast.

And an exciting update for me at least, is an art update. Example:

Not everything is being updated (and also not going to be incorporated in the demo unless I have to update to fix a bug), but at least Annabelle's sprites and tweaks to early CGs. I also plan on adding new content into the existing biomes, and easter eggs are already in place (yet mostly hidden from the demo).

I'm in my final semester of college right now so I'm incredibly busy, but things are going steady. Be sure to check out the Qui Domi blog for more fun little updates, videos, and art.


New Game Trailer :0

So yeah I whipped up a game trailer which you can see on the profile and junk.

Also, the Kickstarter's a little over half way funded!


Thank you so much to anyone that has donated!


Playtesters needed!

More playtesters are still needed. Biome 3 is finished, and I'm beginning development on biome 4. PM me if you're interested.

Progress Report


There's a game breaking glitch in Shelby's cave!

It has now been fixed, but anyone that has downloaded the game within the past few days has the broken copy.


Qui Domi part 1 could be finished in one year with your help!


Part 1 as in basically the whole game, except for the true ending.

Seriously, it could be done and officially released, but I need help. So here's my GoFundMe again.

Also just like before if you donate more than $50 you can contact me with a monster child design for me to cameo in the game.



I made a post a while ago about needing playtesters, but it really didn't go anywhere. Now, I REALLY need playtesters, because an entire new biome is nearly done!

If you are interested, contact me via PM!


Let's Play! Fooladdict

So far I think I've gotten like, six LPs for my game, which is super cool.

But I'd like to direct you to this LPer that's just starting out, he's got like 4 subscribers including me, and I really think he deserves to get some more attention. He's called Fooladdict, he's really charming and I've been laughing a lot watching his vids.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5G44TidNPJM Here's the first in the Qui Domi series.

Of course if you don't want spoilers on the game, don't watch it. But remember, he is only playing it once, and your actions and dialogue answers in the game alter what happen to the characters, so, at least that's got some replayability to it ;}
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