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Wanda - A Beautiful Apocalypse a complete Remake is coming!

  • SomaelCK
  • 10/23/2017 04:33 PM

Why remake?


It's been a while since we last updated our page here in RMN. We released Wanda - A Beautiful Apocalypse about more than a year ago in 2016 and we thought we were done with the game.

How wrong we were! In hindsight, it's apparent that the game was quite flawed! We've received lukewarm responses from people who like/enjoyed the game, but we also received legitimate criticism about the game as well. Especially, the jarring pacing of the original version.

After giving some thoughts, we felt like we could do the game better and decided to remake the entire game from scratch using recent RPG Maker MV. It's going to be a complete remake with new contents and not 1:1 port of the game. For those who have already purchased the original version (from both Steam and Itch), worry not! We are not going to double dip! The existing game will be updated with the remake once it is completed.

What we would like to improve!

First of all and obviously, the game's visual will be vastly improved. RPG Maker MV supports multiple animated parallax layers without straining the machine. This gives us more creative ground to make visually superior map compared to the old version.

In original, most of the maps are just static pictures. We'd like to improve that by making the map more dynamic and alive in this remake!

Here are a few examples of visual improvements over original version.

New Dynamic Title Screen from Remake. The Title Screen will randomly loads to different scenes each time you start the game new. (currently showing only one in the video)

An enhanced remake map.

Parallax Map with dynamic weather effects

An example of a dynamic parallax map with some simple water-physic effect.

In original version, we severely limit the player's control in the game with little to no exploration most of the time. Even someone who praised the game said Wanda is "Cutscene : The Game". We'd like to remedy this by giving player more control over the game and add new exploration maps and even new puzzles in the game.

New Puzzle!

Last but not least, there was a hidden story in original version featuring another couple of bots from the past, Greenbot and Yellowbot. Due to time and budget constraints, we couldn't fully realize this story in the original and only hinted that story as collectible images. In the remake, we are going to expand this story allowing players to experience the past and different side of Wanda - A Beautiful Apocalypse.

Thank you very much for giving us your time! We will be updating the old demo with the new one very soon! If you have any feedback to share with us, please do! We would love to hear from you. See you all again in next update!