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Chapter 1 Walkthrough

  • Scumdrop
  • 03/27/2015 02:48 AM
Hey there, you! Have you recently downloaded The Sword and the Fish? If so congratulations, you will be rewarded in virgins in the afterlife. Gotta pay room and board, though. Regardless, you are a great person and great people are often in need of help should they prove to not be so great. An example of not being so great might be having difficulty getting through Chapter 1 of the game. As such, never fear! The Sword and the Fish Wordpress Site has the answer in the form of a Chapter 1 Walkthrough - complete with pictures and snark!

Chapter 1 - Walkthrough.

This Walkthrough takes you from foiling your villages smalltime cult to jamming with Edge. From Forgor's wacky mansion to Hoogie Village and its infested mines. From the Battle of the Bands to the trial. All steps are vaguely explained and few to no secrets or suggestions for item usage/purchase are made. Just ration your cookies and heal using the inn in Hoogie Village, all right?