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  • pianotm
  • 04/19/2015 08:50 AM
Hello everybody!

It's been awhile. I thought I might let you know that I have a working revision of the demo. As I've previously said, it uses Battle Symphony with Holdens Battler scripts and has quite a bit of adjustment on the dialogue. The only thing that has really held me up is that I don't really want to upload an updated demo until I have some better battle themes. Fangstiltzkin has written a great battle theme but thinks the game needs one for pest control and one for enemies, to which I agree.

For the rats, they no longer respawn, though they will respawn when the player has reached key points in the game. I haven't looked at the rats for awhile. I think they respawn at least once during the demo, but I can't be sure. I may also decide to give you a longer demo, and let you get into at least one story branch. Previous saves will not work. I'm sorry. The addition of the new scripts will break your save files.

Well, that's it for now; just keeping everyone in the know. Thank you so much.