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Letting Hanging On Go.

It's been 7 months now about and I haven't even touched the files for the project or done any real work on Hanging On and I'm finally letting it go. This personally upsets me because I enjoyed the project but honestly I never got anything done past the graphics you saw there was literally no gameplay haha.

That being said stuff did come out of this project, I learned to do pixel art at least half decently and a whole other lot of things regarding game design. But in the end I really worked to escape personal problems and it did help with that. (And I won't lie I really liked being able to get attention on a project for the first time).

What have I gotten done in this time I've done pretty much nothing though? Well...
-Got to work with a great group of people including Nessy, pianotm, and badluck
-Got greenlit TWICE!
-Started drawing regularly again.
-Have been invited to attend a VR conference in March hosted by Kill Screen.
-Started to work on Saint Traffic Cone with Yugo.
-I can code some stuff by myself now in JavaScript and GML.
-Have returned to working on 3D modeling and have improved!
-Played 130+ hours of MGSV and am at 87% *cough* I mean what?

I need to thank this entire site for helping me grow and yelling at me about my sprites but personally I need to thank Unity for grabbing me by the hand and helping me get into game design for the first time seriously and make something with structure even if it didn't turn out to sturdy in the end it has lead me only to improvements and a better person to work with.

I'm already improving and I'm ready to share some of the stuff I've been working on soon with all of you!


Hanging On is in Development Hell

I'm suspending the project as of right now. It's not canceled but I need time off from it in general in the 9 months I've seriously worked on the project all I've ever gotten done is graphics which clash with the main character in resolution and I still don't feel 100% or even 75% on. I'm going to try and take this time to further develop being able to actually get ideas down and create shorter experiences that prove to do well other then trying to tackle this even in episodic chunks.


Natbird x Hanging On

I’m happy to announce that Natbird is joining Hanging On as the lead composer for all things music-y! Be sure to check back in the future as we’ll be posting some samples of music as time goes on. Be sure to check out their bandcamp as well to check out some of their albums! (Link bellow) Lastly I've added a music page up in the navigation if you want to check out some of the music that has been created I'll update it over time as more stuff gets created!

Be sure to check Natbird out on…

Additionally... Here is a quickish video of Nestway with all of it's core mapping done!

Game Design

Dev Blog #1 - Provoking/Provoke chains, better grinding with reward.

It's about time I say some more things about Hanging On then show you graphics for it so here today I'm going a bit in depth with a system in the game called provoking which can be chained one after another to create a provoke chain. You can do this action by defeating a certain amount of enemies in a area to trigger more battles without having to run in and out of maps again and again to respawn enemies. Every battle you provoke enemies into and win will set you on a provoke chain which when you reach certain points you can start getting perks such as 2x EXP, items, and more. A provoke chain keeps going in till you leave that map so it's a test of your ability to keep going, while you can still rest in between battles and heal party members as soon as you take that hit that sends your party down you'll be back to square 1 again with your chain. Luckily though provoke battles you lose you will be able to make an escape from with 1HP instead of getting a game over and having to go back to your last save point, though if you end up really testing your luck and trying to provoke again while you have unsuccessfully provoked and won a battle in that map if you loose you'll find yourself not so lucky this time and end up kicking the can.
Hopefully this system will become more fleshed out as Hanging On is developed and it's something that will really help you not find yourself running around looking for enemies more then getting leveled up and maybe even getting some sweet rewards with it!
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