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Natbird x Hanging On

  • charblar
  • 06/15/2015 05:25 PM

I’m happy to announce that Natbird is joining Hanging On as the lead composer for all things music-y! Be sure to check back in the future as we’ll be posting some samples of music as time goes on. Be sure to check out their bandcamp as well to check out some of their albums! (Link bellow) Lastly I've added a music page up in the navigation if you want to check out some of the music that has been created I'll update it over time as more stuff gets created!

Be sure to check Natbird out on…

Additionally... Here is a quickish video of Nestway with all of it's core mapping done!


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Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
Yay for new member! Also what a cute little town you're creating. Keep fleshing that out, and once you fill it with vibrant NPCs it will feel like a living, breathing town. So cute! Well done, char.
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