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Note: This was for the Release Something event in 2015.


Two thousand years ago, there was seven kingdoms that ruled the land. However these seven kingdoms were not so great. Each of these kingdoms became known as The Kingdoms of the seven deadly sins. The people of the land were slightly scared of these kingdoms. However one day an unknown warrior defeated these seven kingdoms by sending them to another dimension.
Now that it has been centuries since then, a man named Nyzack who is from the dimension the kingdoms were sent to, got his hands an ancient spell that makes them appear back into the land. Only those with the will great enough to resist the seven deadly sins can exterminate the kingdoms for good.


Side quests
Quests to earn new skills
More might be coming later

TheoAllen’s Insane Anti Lag
Black Morning’s Menu
Mog’s ATB Skill
Mog’s Battle hud
Mog’s Damage Pop Up
Mog’s Cursor
Mog’s Event Pop Up
Yanfly’s Message System
Yanfly’s Save Engine
Idida1’s Tiny Overworld Sprites
Killozap’s word wrapper

modern algebra’s ATS: Face Options
modern algebra’s ATS: Choice Options
Raizen884’s Picture Bug script
Artwork me
RPG Maker DS Resource Pack
RPG Maker 3 Music Pack
I don’t remember where I got the rest of the music from, or who made them, so let me know if you recognize any of the music who made it.

Latest Blog

I can't touch this right now

It might be awhile before I touch this game again, due to personal reasons that have nothing to do with here. I don't know yet though, but it will be done after I get back to work on it, and after I finish some of my other games. Sorry for making you guys, and ladies wait longer. I do feel bad about that.
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  • 03/11/2015 12:33 AM
  • 03/05/2017 01:36 PM
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Sorry, but I had to fix the download just now because there was something I forgot to add to an event in the data base. So whoever downloaded it please re download, or you'll have a repeating event at the end of the Forest of Vines.
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
Note: This is for the Release Something event. Download will not be added until Friday the 13th.

Really ??? You sure don't have a problem with superstitions :)
Yup, Friday the 13th isn't bad luck in my opinion.
Hi, everyone sorry but I had fix another bug in the demo, where a switch was accidentally added not allowing you to get out of the hall in the Castle of Rubius. So if anyone downloaded it please re download. I feel mad that I missed this bug, because this game was suppose to be for the release something event :(
I'm sorry everyone I had to fix another bug. Re download please. This is really making me mad at myself. Why do I keep making stupid mistakes even though I test played. This was suppose to be for the release something event. If there are any other bugs should I just upload a non-encrypted version, so players could fix the problems if they catch them? The only problem I have with that is I bought some of the tile sets.
You guys, and girls are going to kill me. I had to fix a bug in the Forest of Vines where anther dang switch was accidentally turned on. :(

Feel free to yell at me, if you find anything else.
Fixed a bug that I thought was fixed. I swear if it still isn't fixed I give up until the next release. :(
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
OMG MULTIPLE POSTS........the mod gods are going to hunt you down and
hit you with lightening magic :)
Sorry mods. I'll just shut up and only update, but if I keep having to fix things, how would anyone know if I say nothing?
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
If you are the last post on the page, you can just use the EDIT button.
If someone posts after yours, then you can do another new post. :)

Guardian of the Description Thread
For gamepages, I believe you're allowed to double-post, if it's been a couple days since the last post?

Saying that, with these bug reports on the gamepage, it seems to me that it might behoove you to seek testers. Or, maybe, stave off releasing until you've done more testing on your own. Though, on the other hand, I can totally understand the desire to get something out as fast as possible to get as much feedback as possible!
Thank you Merrend. I'll be careful about that. I don't want to get in trouble.
Guardian of the Description Thread
So, I gave this a bit of whirl. Dialog is a bit iffy in places, as is some of the mapping. Speaking of, you might want to re-check the tileset properties of Orchid Farm and remove the "floating lampost" in Arkdale. Though, the most offensive thing is the description of Fade's "Grand Slash" skill and his "Sacred Slash" overdrive. They both say "A powerful attack that causes". A powerful attack that causes what!?

Aside: Is this game somewhat inspired by the Breath of Fire series? There was a line that Kyrin made when the party meets with Fade about how spirit dragons are so powerful makes me think this, for some reason.

Though, the fact that Fade's sprite turns into that of a dragon during the cut-scene with the guards sorta made me jump to this conclusion as well!

*Edit: Got a bit farther, and ran across a few more tidbits of interest (read: bug reports). There was a place in the second town that crashed, and the error message said that it was looking for a missing resource. My memory is a tad fuzzy on this, but, I believe the file name had "Raven" in it's name. I'm sorry I cannot recall more details!

The other item of interest is in chapter 1. I think I climbed three or four floors. Anyway, one of the area transitions turned the screen black. I could still move the character, since I was able to use the nearby area transition. However, without being able to see anything, I wasn't willing to experiment too much.
Thank you for the feedback. I reuploaded the game since that black screen error several times. Please try redownloading it and see if that occurs again. I know I fixed it because my friend said it was fixed.
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