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Continuing Arumarg implementation

This month I mainly continued the implementation of new playable character Arumarg. I've had worse months for progress, but I would've liked to get more done than I did, feels like I should be able to get a new character done in a month, let alone two-ish. e.e Part of the problem was that Arumarg's special ability -- transforming by putting on masks -- was trickier to get working than I'd anticipated. It involves changing the actor's class mid-battle, which sounds simple enough, but it took me a while to get it working properly -- I don't remember the exact details, but I made a few mistakes along the way that were difficult to spot and fix. I also had to record what Arumarg's equipment was before the transformation so it could be reequipped on changing back, and adjust his health and mana to be proportionately the same compared to their maximum values before and after -- RM2K3 leaves them as they are when the class is changed unless the new maximum is less than how much they had. At least I now seem to have the technical aspects pretty well locked down, the rest should just be production -- sprites and animations and such. I already have three of the five transformations created (although I still need to animate their attack spells) and a fourth with most of the sprites done. I also finished up the battle and map sprites for one of the game's main antagonists, Malise, just so I could show them in a design blog post right after this progress update. ;)